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Well, I guess it was bound to happen.  I ran 4 miles yesterday, and around mile 3 my heel on the left foot really started to hurt, like, I couldn’t run any more kind of pain. ugh! Frustrating! So I walked most of the 1.32 miles home. Came home and iced it, massaged pain-a-trate into it and took ibuprofen.  Took it easy today, did the ice, and other treatments all day and I am feeling WAY better tonight.

I have my first 5K this Saturday, so I was going to be devastated if I couldn’t do it.   I would have cried probably.  So I am going to take it easy tomorrow too, continuing with my treatments.  Hubby said we should buy a good all around ace bandage to have here, just in case

Speaking of the 5K this Saturday…I’m so excited!!!  It’s in Davenport, IA.  It’s the CASI St Patrick’s Day Race.  It’s the 2nd one I signed up for, but the first one I’ll run in. The first one isn’t till March 29th (my birthday!)   I am also excited since we are going to Golden Corral afterwards to eat, and I love that place.  We don’t have one here, so we don’t go often.  Only when we’re in Davenport.

On another note, totally personal here, we met with our tax accountant last Friday and being how my husband is now retired we were concerned we may owe alot, but it turned out MUCH better than we thought.  PHEW! So I was praising God for sure!!!

I should probably get moving here….I gotta get the youngest kiddo to bed.

Thanks for reading! ♥

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