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Well, I no longer have my chance to run in Hard Charge.   They went bankrupt.  Their website is gone.  Facebook page-gone. I’m so upset.  WHY?  It’s just a race right?  Well, yes, but the email is what ticked me off.  NO REFUNDS.  I paid $70 to run in this and there’s NO REFUNDS.    Unbelievable!!!

We reserved our campsite already, for 4 days.  At least we still enjoy camping, and there’s tons to do in Des Moines, so we already planned one doing other things while we were there.  That’s part of why we paid for so many days beyond the date of the race.

The refund is what bothers me the most.  What can you do.  Nothing apparently.  There’s no way paying a lawyer would be worth it for $70.

Here’s the email I got today.  Then I called my sister, who also paid and was going to come up from Kansas.  At least they hadn’t booked a room or a campsite yet.

Hard Chargers/Vendors and To Whom It May Concern:

After much thought and analysis into our situation, and exploring realistic options to continue operations, it is with much regret that  Hard Charge is providing notice that it is immediately ceasing all business operations.  There is no longer staff, systems or contact information in place to support customer service or ongoing operations.  Hard Charge is filing its Notice of Intent To Dissolve with the appropriate authorities.All current and future events are cancelled.Due to our current financial situation Hard Charge is unable to provide refunds to any athlete who has registered for an event. Our senior secured lender has a legal right to the vast majority of our remaining assets, including our accounts, making refundsimpossible. Hard Charge would like to thank the athletes, customers, fans, and business partners who have supported Hard Charge throughout the years at our events.  Hard Charge sincerely appreciated your support.Sincerely,Hard ChargeNuts right?  When they have thousands of people paying to run in their races…how on Earth do you go bankrupt?   Well, between this and what happened with the foam run recently, I doubt I’ll ever want to sign up for any kind of novelty run.

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