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Helloooooo!!!!!  Gosh I’m behind.  I haven’t updated anyone on what’s going on with me in forever.  Sorry about that!    This week was amazing for me! I actually bit the bullet and signed up for my first 10K race!!!!  Actually it’s 7 miles, so it’s a touch longer than a 10K.

So I started training for it on Tuesday. God blessed me with Libby, a sweet lady in the runner’s group I am in on FB made me a training schedule!  So far I still have to stop sometimes to walk, but on Wednesday (or Friday I cannot remember lol) I actually ran the whole 3 miles! WOOHOO!

I also started working on changing my sleep habits and have started getting up early to run.  That is NOT easy for this night owl!  I’ve done it though…read on…

So here’s how this past week looked like for me:

Sunday:  got up at 6am and ran 3 miles with my sister when we were at the hotel in Des Moines (she’s from Kansas).  Then I didn’t put on sunscreen for my grandpa’s memorial and got fried to a crisp..but that’s another story lol!  Let’s just say that night, I spent lots of time in the hotel pool!

Monday:  signed up for the 7 miler and spent the rest of the day wondering what the heck I was thinking!  Here’s the site so y’all can see the race I signed up for www.BackpocketRun.com

Tuesday:  ran 2 miles on the dreadmill downstairs & did squats.

Wednesday:   first training run outside.  Ran the whole 3 miles and I was so excited!   I ran 3.09 that day, came home and devoured 2 bananas lol  Hubby was surprised to see me walk in the door in under 40 minutes & my splits were really good!

Thursday: nursed my shin splints, which we were really hurting, ice and compression sleeves all day.  I decided to forgo going to Zumba, I didn’t want to make matters worse.

Friday:  Got up early:Dand ran 3.18 miles.  at mile 2.25 I took a small sip of my water and it went down the wrong pipe and I had to stop running and was coughing my guts out.  So glad no one saw me hehe.  Benefit to running early…not many people are out yet.  Ended up walking more later, due to a side stitch.

Saturday: we went to the Cedar Rapids downtown farmer’s market and walked all over the place, but had a great time!  No run on , it was rest day.  Did squats though, 50 of them.

Sunday:  Got up AGAIN at 6am and ran 3.47 miles.  Stopped to walk a few times.  I hadn’t slept the best the night before, so it was harder for me to get up and moving this morning.  I could feel it in my run, I just wasn’t enjoying it today as much as usual.   I walked the whole .47 home.  I stopped running when my Garmin hit 3 miles.  Felt good to walk though.

So here’s the training schedule that Libby made for me.  The yellow is the new schedule, the top, white portion is my past few weeks.  Much more consistent running now. I hope that I can survive the 7 miler!!  I’m really pumped about it actually!!   I’m such a dork..I’m also excited to add a 10K sticker to my car lol!

I’m a running fool in August.  I have a race the 16th (5K), the 23rd (the 7 miler), the 30th (Glow Run 5K)  and one on September 1st (5K)!   Addicted?  *insert crazy laugh here*

I think I’d have much better luck if I started typing up each day as I ran, essentially working on my accountability post all week. This way I think not only would I get it posted each week, but I’d also remember what the heck I did LOL! I had to keep going back to my Garmin account and checking things.

I’m glad now that my sunburn is healing, it’s comfortable again to wear workout clothes and also to be outside.  My shoulders are still a tad tender, but much better than a few days ago.  I’m also peeling all over the place!

This week we are going camping.  We leave tomorrow and will be home on Thursday.    If you don’t follow me already, keep up with me day to day at Facebook!

I know that only by God’s grace will I be able to train, and run the big race.  Only through Him do I have the strength to do any of the running I do! He’s so good!

Happy trails y’all!

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