Remembrance Run and Rescue Run and a fun little penguin named Waddles| Iowa City Runner

Gosh it’s been since August that I’ve updated y’all…I’m so sorry! Sheesh.  Life has been crazy here.  Since the Backpocket run I’ve been camping, running, racing and just hanging out. We spent the last weekend in September in Ankeny, camping at Saylorville.  I LOVE THAT CAMPGROUND!  I ran the Remembrance Run in Des Moines on the 28th with a friend of mine.  Well, he finished 10 minutes ahead of me, because he’s faster! LOL  I had a great time though.  I also added more bling to my medal hanger at that race!  It was a wonderful race and a wonderful tribute to Iowa’s Fallen soldiers!

The medal is huge, and two sided, which is really cool!  The eagle is made up of names of the fallen.  Very nice.  I PR’d at this race too, upping my 5K time to 31:49.  Looking at Sub 30’s pretty soon! Very exciting!   After the race we went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast/lunch.  I had breakfast of course, because after racing, I want pancakes!!

We got home and went camping again the following weekend! Can you tell we’re trying to pack in as much camping as we can before the season ends?  We went to Coralville this following this weekend.  It was really nice, but REALLY cold!  It was very unseasonably cold for October in Iowa.

Saturday the 4th I ran the Rescue Run in Iowa City.  This helps raise money (and awareness) for Rapha House, which helps victims of sex trafficking.  What an amazing organization and cause!   There were 9 of us from our church that all ran it!   It was BITTER cold that morning  thou, it was only in the upper 30s and windy at the start.  We all did it anyway lol    Part of the path around the lake is lined by treees on both sides, so there was alot of debris on the path and part way down this part my foot came in contact with a huge walnut and I lost my balance and went down.  First time ever to fall running a race.  So yeah, I didn’t PR, but I had a good time, and raised money for a good cause, so that’s all that matters.

The Runner’s Corner group I am in has a penguin mascot named Waddles, and he goes from state to state to run with members of the group!  Waddles came with us camping and with me to the Rescue Run.  It’s been so fun having him here, he’ll head to CA this week, to run a 100 mile endurance run! WOW!

Here are some photos from the Rescue Run and Waddles time in Iowa:

In the first photo you cannot tell, but I’m holding Waddles.  I should have made Ryan stand closer with my phone!

It’s been a great start to October!!  My goals this month are 50 miles of running in one month and 50 miles of biking!  So far that’s off to a good start, I’ve had 3.1 miles of Running and I rode 8.1 miles on my bike yesterday.

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