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So today was NOT the kick off to Half Marathon training, I start tomorrow.  I decided to use the first plan I was originally going to use, that ends with 12 miles not 10.  I’d like to know I could get closer to 13.1 than 10 would have left me with.   So, today I met up with my friend Carol,  and her daughter, Katherine, at Planet Fitness.  Katherine is a runner, (a marathoner) and going to college on a scholarship from running.  She showed us some great core exercises and I swear she was trying to kill us! Haha! I know I’ll feel my core in the morning!  I know I need to work on the core though, it’s very important for the running and I need to get RID of this tummy.
So while there I also walked on the treadmill and used the Jacob’s Ladder (or stair climber).  I love that thing!  I walked up 20 flight of stairs!  I didn’t run today, but I did walk and talked to Carol at the same time, which was really nice.

My Polar HRM when I was all done with everything at PF.  Not bad for an hour workout.

Tomorrow I start HM training with an easy 3 mile run.  So nothing new really from what I’ve already been doing.  It will be scary in a few weeks when I start to do 5+ miles which I haven’t done in a long time, or when I get to higher than 7 miles, which I’ve never done before.  Ever.  Longest I’ve done is 7.  I know if  can do 7 I can do 13.1, just need to trust my training plan.

My husband also took me shopping today and bought me a pillow for my iPad (so it props it up when I’m in bed) and some new boots! I needed nice dressy brown boots without a heel.  If you know me at all, you know I hate walking in heels.
So, today was an excellent day…topped off by a 15 minute massage after my workout!! WOOP!
Look for tomorrow’s update on the first day of HM training!! Here we go…on the crazy train!

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