Half Marathon Training {Day 3 – It’s 2015!!} |Iowa City Runner

Happy January 1st and welcome to a new year and a new month!  Hard to believe we’re all ready at the year 2015!!  My goal this month is to stick to my half marathon training, and logging over 50 miles this month.  If I don’t miss any training, par any unforseen circumstannces, I should log 68 miles this month.  WOW!

Today was a much nicer day in Iowa.  It was windy, but the temps were above 30.  So yes, I headed outdoors! Which felt good after running at Planet Fitness the last few runs.  I got in a nice and steady 3 miles today.

I was actually surprised at how good I felt, considering I didn’t get to bed till 3am last night!! New years eve and all ya know…
My daughter ended up having a friend come over after the NYE party and spend the night, so finally at 2:30 am I told them they had to go to bed!

Hubby and I watched tv till about 3 and then went to bed.  It’s rare when I told lay in bed and read before actually going to sleep.  Last night I clonked right out!  Slept till 10:30 this morning.  SO of course it’s 6pm now and feels more like 4pm or so LOL!

I decided to forgo running the Dam To Dam Half on May 30th.  I just really feel like that would be too soon (2 weeks) after running my first half in Marion. The Dam to Dam is hillier and I just don’t want to push my body that much.   I’ll plan on running that one in 2016.

On a non running note, we’re active campers and have already booked two campsites for this upcoming season!! One in April and one in June.  I’m sure I’ll book a few more in May!  Now I don’t have to worry about paying for a hotel for the Dam2Dam so that actually takes some pressure off the budget.

I am signing up for the CASI St Patrick’s Day 5K in Davenport again this year.  That was my FIRST ever race last year, and I knew I wanted to go back and do it again.  I have to wait till payday, but it is going on my race agenda for this year.  I really like that race.  It’s fast and flat and tons of fun!

Well, I should go.  I need to finish laundry and dishes before settling in to watch tv with hubby.  We took down all the Christmas decor today, the living room looks so bare now!

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