Half Marathon Training {Days 7 & 8} and becoming a #SweatPink Ambassador

Good evening lovelies!!!!

So first things first, I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador for Fit Approach!  What is Fit Approach you ask?  Well, it’s a wonderful website/community of people who really want to get fit, be healthier and help motivate others!  Check them out by clicking the Sweat Pink Ambassador icon on the side panel of my blog.   I love being a part of anything that promotes fitness and healthy living!! I’m so excited to be a part of it!

We had some excitement this morning…the furnace stopped working!! It was cold in the house when we got up!   So Ralph called the landlord, and he called a repair place.  They got there about 12:30.  Turns out it was the hood over the exhaust outside.  It wasn’t on properly and the snow had packed up in there.  Phew!  I was worried it would be an expensive fix, which even though we rent, I didn’t want our landlords/friends to have to pay that.

While Ralph was home waiting for the repair guy to come, I took the kids over to the house of an elderly lady from church who had Ryan come over to shovel her sidewalk.  She paid him $10 and Abby and I got to pet her new little puppies! ♥  On the way home I stopped at Fareway for some groceries and then to Planet Fitness just to purchase my new gym bag.  Only $10!  Isn’t it cute?  I’ll be stylin’ at the gym now!

So Half Marathon training is still going strong, minus the fact that I’ve gotten no cross training in this week.  I did however run on the treadmill today at Planet Fitness.  Abby went with me, we went the hour before her check up appointment at the doctor.   She walked/ran on the treadmill next to me and then used the elliptical in front of me.  After 10-15 minutes she’s asking me if I’m done running 3 miles yet, how long I had to go, and saying she’s bored!!  Then she tells me to amp the mill up to 10 for speed.  Haha silly girl.  I could never run that fast on that thing, I’d land on the floor behind me!

I did get done in 31:33 and then we went over and laid on the massage beds for about 7 minutes each.  We couldn’t go the whole 10 because we had to get going so she could make it to her appointment.  The appointment went well, then we headed straight home afterwards, and I started dinner. Well, after I changed out of my sweaty clothes lol!

I need to do laundry!!

I cooked tonight (Ralph usually does), and Abby helped me.  We made baked polluck fillets, steamed broccoli and rice-a-roni cheesy rice mix.  It turned out really good if I may say so myself!

So there wasn’t anything to report on the fitness end of things yesterday.  I didn’t work out at all.  I actually wasn’t feeling so good (female stuff, TMI I know…sorry.  It is a fact of life though!), so I basically spent the day reading blogs, having school with the kids and cleaning some.  Mostly being lazy though,  I only got barely over 3000 steps.  YIKES!

Today was better.  That run made me so happy:)

Linking up for Fitness Friday!  Come and join us!


Do you have days when you don’t do any fitness at all? 

What did you have for dinner tonight?

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