The Long Run {Half Marathon Training}

So today was the long run.  However, since I’m in the start of my training, it was only 4 miles.  Which wasn’t too bad on the treadmill.  It had better warm up, because once I get to 6+ miles, I’m not going to want to be treadmilling it!   The biggest news about today’s run…I actually got up early and did it!!! I was up at 7 and to the gym by 8:15!

I had a friend of mine’s daughter (she’s also really good friends with my daughter), text me last night and said she knew that since  I was in training, did I want to go run at Planet Fitness today. I jumped at that chance.  I love having someone to run with.  The nice thing about treadmills, is that it doesn’t matter if you run at varying speeds, which is super nice.  She gets to go on my PF Black card as my guest.
Mary said she had 7-8 miles to do (she did 7.5 miles total) so it would take longer.  Not much longer, since I run slower than her!   She runs at about 7.5 speed on the mill while I do 5-5.3.  So I did finish my 4 miles a little bit before her, so I went over and stretched for a bit after.  Which felt so good.

So I look super hot after running 4 miles don’t I? I look like death haha!  I did have a good stretch though!  Here’s a shot of my view from where I was stretching.  I love Planet Fitness!

I need to learn how to focus my phone camera obviously haha!    I had a really great workout though.  It was so nice having someone else to run with.  It makes the time go so much faster, especially on the treadmill.

Not bad for 50 minutes…cannot wait to see what the calorie burn looks like once I am up to the double digit miles!!  After our workout I ran Mary over to the high school.  She had to lift with her cross country team.  Wonder if she’ll want to do it again tomorrow…I have a 3 miler planned for tomorrow.

When I got home, my husband is so sweet, he made me 2 poached eggs & toast.  I couldn’t have done any better in the husband department that’s for sure!!

There’s my lovely runner girl mug again.  I love that mug.  I wish I had bought 10 of them when I saw them at the Dollar Tree.  Now they don’t have them anyomore:(

Well, I should go, I need to finish my eggs and then do laundry, clean and all that jazz..


What do you eat post workout?

Do you have a regular running partner, group or do you always run solo?

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