Half Marathon Training {Day 6} | Iowa City Runner

Good afternoon!!! I hope if you’re in the midwest you’re warm!! It’s freezing outside!  We’re supposed to see wind chills between -20 and -25 tonight and 3-7 inches of snow Monday into Tuesday.  BRRRRRR!!!  It’s going to be like this all week too, bitter cold temps.  So thankful I can go to the gym when it’s like this.

I’m not a cold weather person.  I”ll put up with a lot of weather, but I just cannot stand it when it gets this cold.  I don’t like not being able to breathe when I step outside my door.  No thank you.

Today I hit the treadmill at Planet Fitness after worship.  It was nice to be able to do that.   The best thing about putting up with the treadmill running….the HydroMassage bed afterwards!! Ahhh..so nice!    There was a lady on the other bed, she was there before I got on mine, and after 10 minutes..she was still there.  I think maybe she fell asleep!!

We heard a wonderful message at church out of Nehemiah 1 about doing the unknown and PRAYING before reacting.  Something I know I need to work on.  I also need to add more prayer to my day.  I know I need more in my life than just meals and bedtime.  I’m so bad about it.

Last night I started working on a Running Journal.  I got the idea.  My ever so creative daughter helped me.  We cut motivational clips and words from the only two Runner’s World magazines I had on hand.  Wouldn’t you know I had just gotten rid of a bunch of them, then I find this idea and I was mad I had pitched them!     I then journaled all of my runs so far since I started the Half Marathon training.

Why journal since I put it all on the blog you ask?  Well, for me, I don’t trust all things digital.  Who knows when years from now the internet might be gone (gasp!) or my blog will fall apart, etc.  Who knows.  I like to have a concrete copy of my accomplishments and how God is helping me learn things through the running.

Here’s some photos of the journal so far.  I’m pretty happy with how it turned out!

Fun right??  I am actually looking forward to adding to it daily!  Abby let me use her lapdesk, so I could add to it while sitting on the couch:) I used to be a journaler when I was kid, no wonder I like to blog!

Someday I might use one of those companies that makes a book from your blog too, then I’d have a cool printed version of the blog (sans videos of course)

Speaking of videos…I found this the other day on Shay Carl’s blog.  I knew he was a runner, but I had no idea he made this.  I’ve seen it before and never knew it was him!! So cool!  I’ll share it here as a way to finish off this blog post.  Enjoy!   Run Happy!

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