{2015} A New Year with New Goals

2015 GOALS

So I know everyone needs to make goals when it comes to the new year right? I wasn’t going to post a blog post about them, but I’ve read so many of these posts in my Bloglovin’ feed that I got inspired too.

My main goal of 2015 of course, is the Half Marathon in May! However, I also have blogging goals and personal goals too. Here we go!

1.   The Bible.  I need to spend more time in God’s word and in my relationship wit Him.   If I do not talk to Him in Prayer, how can I expect Him to bless my life and my running.  Just as I give time to my other relationships, I need to give Him as much or more of my time.  Starting out with devotions in the morning and prayer time.

2.  To Successfully finish my first Half Marathon in May and be smiling (and then probably crying) when I cross the finish line!

3. To improve my blogging skills. To blog as much about my family as I do about the running. My blog should be an all around reflection of me

4. 50 Miles (Min.) of running each month. I am not to the point where I could go 2015 miles in the year..that would be way too much for me.

5. I will not apologize for not posting on my blog for a few days if life gets away from me. I will however, make sure I let my followers know if I’m going to be gone for more than a week.

6. Read other blogs (and leave comments). I have to get better at spending time reading and commenting on other blogs if I want people to read and comment on mine.

7. Get rid of 50lbs I don’t say lose, because, I am NOT wanting to find them again! I want them to go by way of the garbage each week, by 2lbs at a time..

8. Cross & Strength Training. I need to be more diligent about doing these things on my off days from running. I know that running alone isn’t going to tone my body and help me lose the extra inches.

9. Have more dinner “parties”. Now that our basement is all set up for company since having my dad over for Christmas, we need to have more people over from church. Losing 3 church family members in 2014 made me well aware that we never know how much longer we all have to spend time together face to face.

10. Last and final one. Just enjoy the running. Try not to get wrapped up in my split times, or how many miles I’m running that day (well, outside of my half training of course)

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Do you make goals (or resolutions) each year?

What goals did you hit in 2014?

What are your plans just for today?

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