That’s how many Miles? Phew! {Half Marathon Training}

So…like I had nothing else better to do, I added up all the mileage for each week between now and the Half I’m training for.   I broke it down to each week, then totals for each month, then one big total for the whole 20 Weeks.  Kind of mind blowing!  I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have!

Here they are.  Each day, then the total after that for that week, then the total for the month under that.  At the very end I did include the race itself.  Because I feel like after all that hard work training, it should be included!!

Week 1: 3/3/4    Total: 10
Week 2: 3/3/3/4   Total: 13
Week 3: 3/4/4/5  Total: 16
Week 4:  3/4/4/5  Total: 16
Week 5:  3/5/5/6  Total: 19

74 Total for January

Week 1 2/5/5/6 Total: 18
Week 2 2/3/5/3/7 Total: 19
Week 3 2/3/5/3/7 Total: 20
Week 4 2/4/5/4/8  Total: 23
Total 81

Week 1 2/4/5/4/8  Total: 23
Week 2 2/4/6/4/9 Total:  25
Week 3 2/4/6/4/9 Total: 25
Week 4 2/5/6/5/10  Total: 28
Week 5 2/5  Total: 7
Total 108

Week 1 6/5/10    Total: 21
Week 2 2/5/6/4/11 Total: 28
Week 3 2/5/6/4/11  Total: 28
Week 4 2/4/6/4/12  Total: 28
Week 5 4/6/4  Total:14
Total 119
Week 1  12 (this week was almost all April except the long run Saturday)
Week 2 4/5/4/6   Total: 19
Week 3 RACE WEEK 4/4/13.1   Total: 21.1
Total till Race Day 52.1

Total during Half Marathon Training 434.1 (Including Race Day)

So as you can see, it’s A LOT to train for a half.  Way more than I had thought or expected.  Then there’s the hours not listed, of Cross training and lifting!   Planet Fitness is going to see lots of me!   However, I know that if God put it on my heart to do this, He will give me the strength I need to finish it!  I will do this!

When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord; he brought me into a spacious place. The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?  Psalm 118: 5-6

Speaking of Planet Fitness, I went there today with my friend Carol.  Ran 3 miles on the mill, then used the Arc Trainer and then we worked on core.  It was a really great workout and great conversation.

Tomorrow we’re going shopping at Costco (so excited to get groceries, we’re really low on everything) and stopping at Joanne’s for some runner fleece that a fellow runner found at her store that I’m hoping mine has.  I want to buy it and some plain colored fleece and make a blanket with it!  I’ll share photos for sure!
I have a friend coming over for coffee in the morning.  She’s visiting from Indiana, and I barely saw her at church this morning, so I’m excited to be able to visit with her.

Oh, backtracking a bit here, I know, I’m kind of all over the place today.  My mind is working in a thousand different directions!  We went to Pizza Ranch after worship and had pizza.  YUM! I know I ate too much, which made my workout that much more important!   After lunch we went to the petstore to look at puppies, bunnies and ferrets.  I won’t support this petstore that’s near our house, they get all their dogs from puppy mills that’s just BAD BAD BAD!!! Adopt from shelters please!!  Anyway, I have some photos of Abby and I with some puppies.  I know, they’re blurry..sorry!  They were just too cute not to share!

No, she’s not wearing lipstick at age 12.  Poor girl’s lips are badly chapped:(  And yes, she’s holding up pigs ears…my silly young lady.  I love her!

We go to this pet store and don’t buy anything.  We just go to give these poor doggies lovin’.  I know they love it, and it’s good for us too.

I’m pretty sure our dog doesn’t like us coming home smelling like other animals though haha!!  She was on scent overload when we came home.

For those of you who pray could you please pray for me.  I have the opportunity to attend a missions trip to Poland this summer.  I’m trying to pray for wisdom and discernment.  I need to make sure this is something God is leading me to do, or if it’s just my own mind thinking He’s telling me to go.  It would be in July for 2 weeks.  So I’m going to be praying for that a lot this week.  I need to decide soon, as the training is coming up fast.

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.  Mark 16:15


Have you ever added up how many miles you run when training?

Have you ever gone on a missions trip to a foreign land?  

Did you run today or do any kind of workout?

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