If it weren’t for friends and the #NoExcuses Challenge!

I’m telling you.  So yesterday was Monday.  Which is normally not much in the way of fitness for me.  We ended up going to Costco and loading up on groceries (so nice to have so much food in the house),  the cashier even commented on how we didn’t buy much processed food.  Score one for me! I’m trying so hard to move us from that, and into more homemade meals.  I don’t know if I would say clean eating, but just healthier in general.  We also had fun as a family while we were there.  Abby found a sock monkey she loved, the hands and feet were magnetic!  Too bad it was $30…

Then we filled up the Tahoe while we were there, $1.86 per gallon with our membership so it really makes it much nicer to pay for a full tank!  Then we ran to Walmart and picked up some other things we couldn’t get at Costco.   Being how we were gone all day running errands, I really didn’t feel like going to the gym.  I was going to do some core work at home.  So I had settled in and started to watch the Shaytards Vlog when my friend Carol called and asked if I wanted to go to Planet Fitness with her.  YES! Thank you Carol for getting me off my lazy butt! LOL!  So Abby came with us too and we all went to PF to work out.  We used the Arc Trainer for 10.5 minutes, then used the Stairclimber for about 7 flights of stairs.  Then we used various weight machines and ended our workout with some core work and stretches.  It was a really great workout!   I’m so thankful for good friends that support me and also call and get me moving!  Working out is so much better in pairs!

Later that night I played a fun round of Monopoly Empire with the kids.  This version of monopoly is so fun, because it’s so much faster paced than the normal monopoly!  It goes fast and is just plain fun.  It is also great to get the kids off the electronics!!

Today I worked my volunteer job from 12-4 and was able to see a baby on the ultrasound…so amazing!!  I love seeing God’s miracles right there!  After work I stopped at the bank to deposit a check that a friend gave me today to book her Family Photo session in advance!  I really enjoy the family sessions and getting to capture the family dynamics.    When I got home I changed clothes and went down stairs to my treadmill.  I just didn’t feel like going over to the gym.  I put in the movie “Coyote Ugly” on the tv, turned the sound off and listened to my iPod while I ran.  I know it’s weird, but I like to have the tv to look at, but still want my music!   I got my 4 miles in, as per my Half Marathon training schedule.

I’ll be so happy to get outside to run.  According to the forecast, I should be able to go run outside on Thursday!! WOOP!  Tomorrow is a rest day, so I’ll be icing my left shin. It was hurting a lot when I got off the mill tonight.  So rest, ice and compression tomorrow.

Oh and I almost forgot…I am in the midst of the Fit Approach #NoExcuses challenge!  Each day we have a new challenge!! Today was run one mile.  I did that, plus 3 more;)  Yesterday we planked for 30 seconds, I did that yesterday at PF with Carol & Abby.  Abby actually challenged me to see who could hold a plank longest!

It’s the SEASON of NO EXCUSES and joining a challenge is the best, most motivating way to do that!  Get out there, no matter what you’re doing, get out there and do it!!

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