What’s in my Gym Bag?

Well, so since today is a rest day for me from running, and the only thing I will be doing is 10 burpees for the #NoExcuses challenge, I thought I’d share what I carry in my gym bag!   Now, you have to realize that I don’t work outside of my home, so I don’t shower or change clothes at the gym.  I go there, workout and come back home to shower.  I have kind of a thing against public locker rooms

Sorry, but it’s totally true! I’m a very conservative person when it comes to nakedness, and usually just go to my locker, put my bag in it, lock and go! I want to get out of the locker room as fast as possible when I go!   Now this was the cleanest meme I could find.  Google was full of all kinds of memes I wouldn’t dare post on my blog.  Disgusting.

So anyway, I just usually use the locker for my small gym bag, my coat/scarf and shoes.  Since I put my running shoes into my bag and change when I get there.  It’s such a sloppy, snowy mess right now in Iowa.

So here are some images of what’s in my little gym bag:

*disclaimer*  I only posted links to websites for your own benefit if you want to check them out.  I am in no way a sales person, just sharing some of my favorite products!! :)

I love this gym bag.  I bought it from Planet Fitness last week, for $10.  It’s pretty nice for being so cheap too!

Here you see my shorts, which I never use, I just carry them around for when I finally get the time to try the Total Body Enhancement machine. my Brooks Ghost 6’s and my Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

My Heart Rate monitor is an essential tool when I am at gym and not using my Garmin Forerunner 10 Watch.

And finally my padlock, my phone and my iPod complete with my Yurbuds.  If you want earbuds that stay in, you want Yurbuds.  They are great! Oh, and my Flipbelt back there under it all.  I absolutely love my Flipbelt,  I would be lost without it!

So that’s what is in my gym bag.  I also got a fun thing in the mail today.  My pack of pink shoelaces came from Fit Approach!  They are so pretty, and I got some awesome samples along with them from Manitoba Harvest and RealFoodRealLife.  I let my daughter give a pair of the laces to her friend, Laura for her birthday :)

The back of that card on the far right was a personal little note from the founders of Fit Approach! So awesome!  If you’re not a #SweatPink Ambassador, you need to sign up!!  It’s a fantastic company!

I had a rough day yesterday, after my 4 miles on the mill my hip was killing me and I had to foam roll.  These goodies just made my day!  I still have to do today’s Burpees as part of the #NoExcuses Challenge, but I will prevail!! I will get them done!

Well, I’m going to go for now.  The kids are gone and hubby and are spending quality time together, so I need to stop blogging!!  Sweet dreams y’all! I hope you have good night!

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What’s in your Gym bag?

When was the last time you got a fun package in the mail and what was in it?

What are your plans for Thursday?

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