Weekly Wrap-Up {Sore Muscles, Teens, Movies & Shopping}

So…it’s been a crazy week.  I forgot about updating each day.  OOPS.  I did add a new page to the blog, of all my races I am planning on running in 2015.  Hard to believe we’re already done with the 1st week of February!

Monday-Rest Day.  Went to the gym with my friend’s daughter, Mary, and I walked 2 miles while she ran.  It works out because speed doesn’t matter when you’re using treadmills!  After her run and my walk, we worked on stretching.  It was wonderful.   When I got home I did the squats for that day in the Love your Butt Challenge.  30 squats baby!  After the squats I did crunches, leg raises and planks.

Tuesday: Worked at my volunteer job and ran 5 miles after in the cold & snow. Was about 30° but felt like 10 or so. Chilly but very beautiful run.  I ran right along the Iowa river, and the snow was on the trees, reflecting in the river.  Why I didn’t take photos is beyond me.  God really knows what He’s doing when it comes to painting a landscape.  Just stunning.  One lady I passed who was walking to her car, told me I was a brave soul!  Kinda made me feel hard core!

When I got home hubby had dinner ready and then I did my 40 squats for the Love your Butt challenge!

Wednesday: Watched Fat, Sick and Nearly dead with hubby. Opened our eyes and now considering a 10 day juice fast.  I couldn’t get over how good he looked afterwards!

Now I really want to watch the 2nd Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead movie.  Maybe tonight..hmm…

Went to the gym with Carol and worked my pectoral muscles along with arms and core. (my pecs still hurt!)  We also used the Arc Trainer and stair climber. Great work out in less than 45 minutes!

Thursday: I headed to the gym with Ryan and ran 5 miles on the treadmill. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, infact, I made a really good pace at 11:30 per mile. Ryan ran 3.5 miles beside me. I was very impressed! I think it’s ready to start running 5K’s with me. He didn’t agree.

Friday: Rest Day. I mean, serious rest day. I didn’t do much all day. Blah. I wanted to run. At least I get to run on Saturday. Ryan was very sore all day on Friday. Haha. He had trouble walking. He will heal (he’s 16 for crying out loud) it was good for him!

Saturday: LONG RUN DAY! My favorite day of the whole week! Today I am taking my daughter and her friends shopping. Plato’s Closet is having a big sale. Do you have a Plato’s Closet near you? It’s perfect for those teen girls. Speaking of teens…Abby will be 13 on Monday. Where’s the time go?
When we get home is when I’m running my long run. I wanted it to warm up a bit. It’s only 20 right now. Later it will be almost 40. Much nicer. I promise to take some photos on my run. I haven’t been doing that.

I spent time last night getting all of my running gear together and set out.  I’m so proud of myself. lol

Ok so…I didn’t get to finish my blog post before the CRAZY day started!!! I am home now from all the mad running around!!  I took my daughter and her friends to the store…it was a madhouse.  There was a line outside when we got there!

Here’s my daughter…not being happy I took her photo haha!

After we got back I came home, changed real fast and left again so I could fit in my 6 miler.  It was BEAUTIFUL outside.  A sunny 41°!!  Absolutely perfect!  I loved not having to wear a stocking cap or gloves!

I DID take some photos! Aren’t you happy for me LOL! I keep forgetting to do that!

I’m so happy the trails are so cleared off now.  It makes it so much easier to run!  I finished my 6 miles in 1:14:35.  Average pace of 12:26/mile.  About right for me on a long run.

My energy really started to wane towards the end of mile 5.  Starting to wonder if I need to start carrying a little fuel with me on my long runs.  Like jelly beans or something!    Next week’s long run goes up to 7 miles.  So something to think about.

After I got back from the run I had to take a fast shower, and Abby and I left to drop her off at a friends house and then I went to the Women’s Bible study at church.   We learned about Loving our Children and cooking Gluten free foods.

When I got home from that Ralph and I left YET AGAIN to go put gas in the Tahoe and pick up groceries.  Then on the way home we picked up Abby’s friend Jessica at art class and when we dropped her off at her house, we picked up Abby who had been there all afternoon.  PHEW! I’m done for the night!! I don’t want to leave this house again till tomorrow morning for church.

Oh…Abby will be 13 on Monday…then I’ll have all teenagers!! How did this happen?

Have you ever done a Juice Cleanse?  Have you watched the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead movies?

How long is your run before you start taking fuel with you?

Do you like to go thrift store shopping?

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