A {Movie} Marathon, Oreos and 1989

Is it a marathon if the movies are not sequels of each other?   Either way tonight I am staying up all night with my daughter.  It was one of the things she asked for, as a “present” for her birthday.  She asked to stay up till she actually turns 13 at 3:59am.  So that’s what we’re doing, and we’re doing a ‘movie marathon’ when we do.

So far on the list is
MEAN GIRLS   I find this movie hilarious, but also, sadly, to be awfully true to life (I’m not so old I don’t remember highschool)

We haven’t settled for sure on what other movies we will watch.  We’re thinking Camp Rock too.  I do not care that I am almost 40…I absolutely LOVE camp rock.  I always cry at the end.  I’m such a sap. I also love the Jonas brothers, or at least, as they were when this movie was made.

Abby was also talking about maybe watching Aquamarine.  Again, I love this movie too.  I swear I am such a teenager at heart!  I love all these movies made for girls 25+ years younger than me!!   If I can talk her into it, I want to watch Divergent too.  Just because I absolutely love it.  Maybe The Fault in Our Stars too.  Another absolute favorite of mine.

However.  We are staying up for HER birthday, but I think if she wants ME to stay up with her, some movies need to be my pics too!  The only problem with The Fault in Our Stars…is you cannot watch it without tissues.  I always cry when I watch it, and I bawled when I read the book.  So then Abby teases me because she never cries at movies.  I worry about her compassion.  Sheesh.
She has friends here right now and they are baking sugar cookies.  She brought me one, yum

I did run today.  My schedule calls for 2-3 miles on Sundays.  I didn’t realize how hard that would be the day after my long run.  I managed 2.25 miles in 25:48.

Or go on a run the next day….

Abby and I ran to the store to get food for tonight (munchies for movie night) and her birthday present

Yup, she got Taylor Swift’s new album 1989 (after I already bought Shake it Off for my running playlist!) and Oreos!!  That’s what she wanted.  I might have to steal some Oreos after Tuesday’s run…if there are any left!   We also went to Walmart first and they were out of the CD’s, so we stopped at Kmart and got their LAST copy!!  Who is buying up all of T. Swizzle’s CD’s??

Anyway, I am really ready for this whole all-nighter thing…I hope Abby can do i!

Talk to you all tomorrow!

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