My Favorite Fitness App

So today I am linking up with April from Run Short Stories From Long Runs,  Patty from My No-Guilt Life and Erica from MCM Mama Runs for Tuesday’s On the Run Link up!

Today’s topic is your favorite running/fitness apps.   Apps have made it so much easier and more convenient to track things, share with friends and find motivation!

My favorite app is my Garmin Connect App.  Since I own a Garmin GPS watch, and a Garmin Vivofit I love that they are both linked together in one App.  I can track my step progress, look at my recent mileage and maps, they have fun step challenges, & you can support your friends that you have one there.  Its just an all around great app for those who have Garmin Devices!

So I had to use the best example I had all week for steps, this past Saturday.  I hadn’t hit 20,000 steps in a long time!

I think my favorite part is the step challenges and the Leader boards. I have friends from my running groups I’m in on Facebook.  Two of the FB groups I’m in also have groups on Garmin.  So that’s fun too!   I am more motivated to get my steps in for the day, knowing I am part of the step challenge and want to beat everyone out!  Healthy competition my friends!

My 2nd favorite App is on that I just became an ambassador for.  The BurnThis App.  It’s a social media app that just promotes fun, motivation and inspiration!    They say “Make your Sweat Social”!   I love seeing people’s progress, pics of yummy food (which reminds me to eat better!), and I love supporting others!

You can click the link above for the BurnThis app, or my badge on the right side of my blog.  Let me know how you like it and add me as a friend!(Amy Barker)

I know that the tracking helps…I had a friend tell me she could tell I’ve lost weight at church on Sunday!  WOOOP!

What’s your favorite fitness app?

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