Oh How Sweet It Is!

So I had my beautiful glorious run on Saturday….7 treadmill miles, which actually went really well.  Well, except for having to change treadmills at 5 miles, when it shut down at 60:00.  Little did I know Planet Fitness’ treadmills are set to only run an hour at a time.  So luckily since my son had come with me, he jumped off the Stairmaster he was on so he could come and wipe down Treadmill #1 since I jumped right onto Treadmill #2 and kept on running.  I didn’t want to lose a bunch of time!    I got 7 miles done in 1:30:12  and burned 971 calories!  I’m so thankful I have my Polar HRM for the indoor treadmill running when I cannot wear my Garmin.   I felt so good on Saturday.  It felt so good to get out and run again!! I missed it so much having missed 3 training runs that week due to being so sick.    So even though it was on the treadmill due to the bitter cold wind chills on Saturday, it was still a run!

WHAM!  I woke up Sunday and could barely breathe.  My nose was so plugged up, my head hurt and I just felt yucky all over.  Are you kidding me?  I just had felt great on Saturday. Oy!   So I stayed home from church.  Which I hate doing.  I hate missing Worship.  I also missed the Chili Bowl that took place afterwards.  I was so bummed.    So I watched movies and played online while everyone was at church.

Monday wasn’t much different.  Pretty much felt miserable all day.  Which was obvious when I only had barely over 3,000 steps on my Vivofit! Yikes!  That wasn’t all though, I woke up to my daughter having sharp pains in her side and so I ended up having to take her to the doctor’s office.  Turns out she’s ok, he thinks she slept on it wrong, but we are still keeping an eye on her for a UTI.  She was fine by the time we got to the Doctors office.   After that we just chilled at home.  Hubby actually called and ordered Chinese food for lunch and went and picked it up.  He’s so sweet.

Tuesday I woke up and FELT AWESOME!!!  For the first time in over a week I really felt like I was past it all.  I went to my Volunteer job from 12-4, came home, had dinner and then went to the Gym with Abby so I could run my 3 miles on the treadmill.  Yes, it is still too cold here in Iowa (ok too cold for me.  Wind chills that make the temp -0 is too cold for me)   It felt so wonderful to RUN!!  I don’t mind the treadmill quite as much as some runners do.  Do I prefer to run outside?  Of course, but I am thankful for the treadmill so I don’t get frostbite!

Today I get to spend the morning at the hospital.  Hubby is a heart patient and has to go in for an angiogram.  Praying they don’t find anything.  So I don’t know how long that will take.  He goes to the VA and they are notoriously S…L…O…W…  they make turtles look fast!!   It looks like it’s going to be another freezing day today in Iowa City, so I’ll probably go to Planet Fitness when we get home.  I know my friend Carol said she wanted to go there this afternoon anyway.  We’ll see ;)  No matter what I will run today!!  I have 5 miles to do!

Be looking for an update later today or tomorrow about hubby’s appointment.    Pray for him if you think about it.  These procedures always worry me a little.

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matt 6:34


Do you use a treadmill in bad weather?

How cold would be too cold for you to run outdoors?

Have you avoided the viruses going around this winter?

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