Thinking Out Loud Thursday #3

Thursdays are for THINKING OUT LOUD!!  I love Thinking out Loud Thursdays.  Mainly, because, I love to ramble.  Just to talk about random things that have been happening both with my running but with life in General.

Linking up with The Tiny Runner of course! :)

  • Snow.  yes, we got snow on Wednesday.  It snowed all day.  Well, starting at about 11am.  By the time I was able to go on my run at 1pm it was really coming down and collecting on the ground.   I had an interesting run.  It was VERY cold, in the single digits to low teens with the wind chills, and the snow was really flying at me.   When I was done, I had snow on my eye lashes and eye brows.  First time for that.  I used to think that those runners that would have ice on their eye brows & lashes were insane.  Till I became one.  So exhilarating to be running in the snow and cold.  It really made me happy.  I only did 4 of my 5 miles, without my balaclava my face was just too cold.  Plus, I had to pick up my son from the salon, he was getting his hair cut while I went on a run.  Here’s a video of the snow later from the parking lot of the hospital when hubby was picking up pills…he broke 3 ribs by the way…more on that later.

Here’s me with ice on my face & the snow on my legs and shoes.  My feet were pretty much frozen.  Such is life.  Still better than the treadmill.

  • Broken Ribs.  Yes, hubby broke 3 ribs.  Last Wednesday when we went to the hospital for his angiogram he was trying to block the bitter cold (-20°) wind from his face and didn’t see the curb and went down.  Did not think much of it, because it didn’t hurt that much at the time.  Over the next few days it got progressively worse, so finally yesterday I convinced him to get an X-ray.  Sure enough, he broke ribs 4,5, & 6 on his right side.    Of course there’s nothing they can really do about it, he just has to take it easy and let them heal…which could take 3-4 months.  She said it will be tender that long as well.  OY.  So…he got some strong pain killers and just has to take it easy.
  • Hair Color.  I decided on a color!!  I just need to get my hair cut, then I’ll color it.  I’m excited as I haven’t colored my hair in forever.  There are grays there.  Not that I wasn’t expecting them, I’ll be 40 next month mind you, but I do not have to like them!!  I would rather color over them. LOL  SO here’s the color I chose.  I am hoping to get my hair cut today and then I’ll color it and include pics in tomorrow’s update!  If you’re a follower of my Facebook page, I’ll probably post pics there today!

So yeah, I’m pretty sure Arial didn’t dye her hair, but I loved the meme and HAD to use it!!

So I think that’s it for me with Thinking out Loud Thursday.  I cannot THINK of anything else to share.  Link up with us!

Have you ever dyed your hair? If so, what color(s)?

Do you run if it’s snowing?

Have you ever broken a rib or ribs?

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