Friday Five

Spring is coming….I can feel it!  Time for this week’s Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Blog about running, Cynthia at  You Signed up for What?! & Marathon Running!  This week’s theme is SPRING.  We’re all ready for it right?  Can I get an AMEN?!

This week is “Free Friday” meaning there’s no theme.   So I thought I would talk about my running essentials.  What I always have with me when I go on a run.

1. My Garmin Forerunner 10.  I love Garmin.  I think it’s pretty obvious lol  We have a Garmin GPS in the car too.  I’m coming up on the one year anniversary since hubby bought me the GPS Watch, my Forerunner 10.   I am still as in love with it as when it bought it for me.  I love it more now that I am half marathon training.  I use the Jeff Galloway Run Walk Run method, and so I set the watch to do 3:1 intervals.  I run 3 minutes and walk one.   It really has helped me with getting through the long runs.  My time averages about 11:30/mile this way.   I have the purple color.

2. My Flipbelt.  This little simple tool is so fantastic.  It’s so basic.  A fabric ‘tube’ that fits around your waist or hips,  with access points throughout that allows you to put things in it, and they stay put!  I can put my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone, chapstick, and extra pieces of gum (I chew gum when I run) and it even has a clip inside for your keys to make they are secure!  This is great for me since often I will drive to the starting point of my run and I need to carry my car key with me, and it’s a large one.  I love that I cannot even feel my phone when it’s in there, and that Galaxy is not a small phone.

3.  My Brooks Ghost 6s.  Duh.  I need shoes right?  These are my 2nd pair of Brooks (well, running shoes in general) since I started running last year.  I bought these at an amazing clearance sale at   They weren’t my first pick for color, but I have a very common shoe size apparently and they were the last ones left.  I love them now, I didn’t love them at the time…of course, now they match my neon yellow running jacket I shared about a few days ago…  I still have my other pair, my Brooks Trance 12s and I wear them everywhere now, they have retired into being my every day shoes.

4. My Amazon Music App.  I am not a non-music runner.  I gotta have my tunes.  I gotta have Mandisa telling me not to give up, TobyMac telling me to keep my Eye on It and Meghan Trainer telling me it’s ok not to be a size 2! :)  Seriously, I love listening to music when I run, and I probably always will.  I turn it up louder on the trails and places without traffic, and I turn it down low when I am dealing with crossing streets and places with traffic.  I play it smart, I just don’t like to run without it.   Since I buy all my music through Amazon, it just makes sense.  It also gives hubby peace of mind knowing I have my phone with me.

5.  Speaking of Peace of Mind, this brings me to my 5th thing, and something that’s understated.  That’s my RoadID.   I have the Sport model.  I have my hubby’s phone number, my best friend, Carol’s phone number and some other simple info on there.  It is nice to know it’s there if I am unable to speak for myself in the case of an accident or something.

So there you have it, the top 5 things I always have on me when I run.

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