Weekly Recap and Moving the Long Run

Well, I know I normally do not do a blog post on Saturday, but I am not running my long run today, so I had some extra time this morning :)  It is well below 0 today but it will be in the 20’s tomorrow, so rather than run 8 miles on a treadmill I am just going to move my long run to tomorrow.

I thought I’d pop in today and share some happenings with us the last few days.

Wednesday was my oh so fun run in the snow that got shortened from 5 to 4 miles.  You can read about that adventure HERE.  That snow caused them to cancel evening activities at the church, so the kids didn’t have youth group.   It was a good evening to just stay indoors and not do anything!

Thursday I went and got my haircut and Ralph & Abby went to the petstore and fell in love with a bearded dragon there.  Then when we got home again Abby and I colored our hair.  She used part of my dye and we did the underside of her long hair.  It looks cute!

So I told you I would share a photo of my hair when it was all done.    Abby also changed the saying on my medal hanger.  I am sure you can guess what it said in the end.  ;)

I went to the gym for my 5 miles on Thursday.  I was only supposed to do 4, but since I only ran 4 rather than 5 on Wednesday, I ran the extra mile on the mill on Thursday.  Carol & her husband Chris met me there and she walked next to me which was nice.

After my run and some weights, I laid on the Hydro-Massage bed for 10 minutes…ahhh so nice.

We also made oh-so-yummy fruit topped waffles on Thursday night for dinner.  They were DELICIOUS!!!   Abby took it upon herself to take the bag of frozen fruit and turn it into a fruit sauce.  She followed the directions on the back of the bag, all on her own.  I mean, I guess she is 13 now…I keep wanting her to be a little girl…sigh..

Then we topped them with Vanilla Cool Whip.  Not the healthiest, but dang, they were so good!

That evening Carol, Chris and their 2 youngest, Mary & Daniel came over and watched the Premier of The Amazing Race.  We love watching that show together!

Friday was a rest day for me.  We went to the Animal Shelter and got the dog’s license renewed, then went to Petco so she could get her nails clipped, looked at more bearded dragons and then came home.   We had a long talk about getting or not getting a bearded dragon, I am unsure about getting one with all the camping we do in the summer, I would need someone willing to learn to care for it to come over when we’re not here.  Just thinking that might be too much to handle.

Also, about 2 weeks ago I won a contest at that Toni from Running, Loving, Living did for her 4 year Blogiversary!  I won a Fitbook.  I had not heard of these before but it’s a really great little book!  You plan out 12 weeks for goals and record everything.  Here’s some photos of it.

So I need to sit down and figure that all out.  I am not good at keeping up with things like journaling and writing things down, so we’ll see how I do with this.

Random photo:  This was the kids and the dog Thursday night.  So cute ♥

Now we’re on Saturday.  What a week.  It was a good one though, but like each week, it goes way too fast.  Ralph is still healing from his broken ribs, it’s going to be slow going I can tell.  Poor guy.  Now the pain killers they gave him are making him sick to his stomach.  Oh such fun.

I am waiting for a client/friend to come over so we can put her Senior Portrait book together, then I have a Kitchen shower to attend at church.  Later tonight we’re having friends coming over for dinner!   I’ll post an update on Monday about our weekend.   I hope y’all have a great weekend!!

Do you have a lizard as a pet?  

What kind of pet or pets do you have?

Ever have Breakfast for dinner?

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