Long Run, Fuel & March Goals

Good Morning!!  Wow, it’s the 2nd of March already?  Where’s the time go.  It was Christmas day like 2 weeks ago….or so it seems!  I am ready for spring though.  I am happy that this Sunday we turn the clocks ahead an hour.  That really helps with my afternoon running this time of year.

So this weekend, due to weather, I moved my long run from Saturday to Sunday.  I ran 8 miles yesterday.  It was not one of my best runs.  It was hard. I ran Scott Blvd which is pretty much one long hill.  I have run it before, but I just struggled this time.  Here’s a photo of the notorious Scott Hill.  I swear the photo does not do it justice!!  You can look at elevation stats HERE   I know that hills make stronger runners though, so I know it is making me stronger…even though…ouch

I was 4 miles in and my legs did not want to carry me.  I was really noticing that I was running out of steam by about mile 5 & 6.  So I am thinking about starting to carry some fuel with me on my long runs.  Thinking about these options:

  • Gummy bears
  • Granola
  • Raisins

I also found this article which looked good:  17 Surprising Mid-Run Snacks

So I was pretty much dying when I got home, I called my daughter and had her fill a water bottle for me so it was ready for me when I got home! I need to figure out a good way to carry water on me during my long runs.  I found this: BottleBand and it looks pretty promising! I might have to order one.    I want to be able to carry one of my nice water bottles with me, without having to purchase a whole new one that is made to carry.  I have a small handheld, but it only holds about 10oz.

I did the wall pose for about 10 minutes, then I soaked in a hot bath.  After that we went to Pizza Ranch for dinner.  I am not even all that sore this morning.   YAY!

So during my run, because, ya know, I had 8 miles to ponder things, I started thinking about my goals for March.  If you didn’t know, I turn 40 this month, so my main goal is to really try to be the healthiest I can be.

1. Weight Loss: I need to lose 50lbs…but not all this month of course!!  I am planning about a 10lbs weight loss for this month.  I need to do better and learning how to fuel my runs, but also my body in general.  I need to balance my carbs for running without going overboard.   More veggies and less snacking at night.  I need to figure out this protein to feel full thing!

2.  Mileage.  My goal this month is 100 miles!  Last month it was 75 and thanks to being sick for a week I only got 56 miles :(   I think I started the month out good by getting 8 miles on the 1st though!

3. Stretching.  I need, need, need to work on stretching more.  I take my tight ol’ bod out to run and I can tell I don’t stretch enough.  So I need to work on that this month

4. Bible Study.  Ok, so this should have been #1.  These goals aren’t coming in order of importance.  Just random.  I need to spend more time in the Word.  I started a Wednesday night Bible study at church, but only went once.  I just love having that alone time with Ralph when the kids are both in Youth Group now.  So I need to just read more at home, do more readings that involve Ralph & the kids too.   I cannot expect to grow in my relationship with Christ if I do not spend time reading what He wants me to know.

5.  PR.  I am hoping to PR at the St Patrick’s Day race on the 14th.  It’s a 5K and I might be dreaming, but I would love to manage a sub-30 PR for that race.  My last PR for a 5K was 31:58 so I’m not that far away….

So there you have it.  Some goals that I feel are attainable for this month.

What’s your favorite Mid-Run fuel?

Do you have a Bottleband? 

What are some of your goals for March?

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