TOtR Favorite Post Race Treat

Welcome to another Tuesday on the Run Link up with with April from Run The Great Wide Somewhere, Patty from  Run Happy Blog and Erika from Running The Miles.   I love the link ups…I enjoy getting comments on my blog, but I really enjoy finding new blogs to read!

The theme this week is “Favorite Post Race Treat”   Mmmmm…now I’m getting hungry!!

My most favorite post race treat is PANCAKES!!! I always want to go to Village Inn after races (since they are almost always morning races) and have pancakes….

Here’s a shot of my daughter’s friend, Rebecca and my daughter after Rebecca’s first 5k that she ran with me last year.  Clearly it wore her out and it looks like I handled it better than she did…and she’s WAY younger than me!  Score for being old haha!  To be fair, she did finish before me.

After the Dam Backpocket Race last year hubby and I were on our own (the kids stayed home) and planned to go out to eat after.  Well, little did I know that 7 miles in 100 degrees and bright sun would take so much out of me.  I ordered this amazing steak and shrimp dinner and couldn’t finish it.  I did finish it later that night at home, about 10pm.  After an ice bath and alot of water.’s not fun.

The first pic was at Texas Roadhouse…their lighting is funny lol  The othe one is the same meal, after I attacked it.   I’ll be ready to kick that race’s butt this year, rather than the way it kicked mine last year!

So I guess I would say my favorite Post Race Treat for morning races has to be pancakes, hands down & evening races it’s STEAK!  Always steak!  Oh, and a Margarita! :)

What’s your favorite Post Race Treat?

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