Friday Five: Five Things I Love about March

Spring is coming….I can feel it!  Time for this week’s Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Blog about running, Cynthia at  You Signed up for What?! & Marathon Running!  This week’s theme is SPRING.  We’re all ready for it right?  Can I get an AMEN?!

1.  My Birthday!!  This year it’s extra special because I am turning 40.  I am excited.  I’ve never been one of these women that cares what age I turn. Like “oh my goodness I’ll be 40 my life is over” drama mamas.  No way.  I know that with each year that the Good Lord leaves me on this Earth I change, grow and learn new things.   I get to meet new people and have new experiences.  I love it.  I feel like I get wiser each year and grow too in my relationships with other people and with Christ.  Therefore giving me things I can share with younger people. (or at least I hope!)

2.  Spring Races.  I love that racing season is starting back up again!  I have my first race on the 14th, another on the 21st and of course you know I’m in the middle of Half Marathon Training.  My Half is in May.  I love it when racing season starts up again.  My hubby, probably not so much lol
Ralph is supportive of my running, but I think he maybe gets a little very tired of all of our weekends being filled up with races.  So I didn’t quite fill up our whole spring/summer with races…just almost…

3.  St Patrick’s Day.  Corned Beef Brisket,  boiled potatoes & cabbage.  Wearing O’ the green & St Patrick’s Day Races.  I know I have become a runner when this holiday means races when it never did before.  I even bought a green tutu for this years races…what has happened to me!?  This day has other meaning for me though, being how both Ralph & I are Irish.  We’re not these people that celebrate and want to be Irish once a year!  We’re proud of our Irish heritage.

4. Warmer Temps.  This one I am really looking forward to.  I am getting really tired of running on the treadmill or bundling up like I never have before.  I want to run without the danger of black ice on the sidewalks, without having soaked, frozen feet when I get home.  I like things about winter, but running through the winter isn’t one of them.  I also am ready to go camping!! We have our first campsite of the season already booked for the middle of April, so it needs to warm up!   I found this article yesterday and it made me chuckle, I hope it does for you too!  Lessons I’ve Learned Running Through the Winter   I will be also ready to stop having to shoot snot rockets during my runs, oh, I have gotten good at it though!

5.  Time Change.  Longer days, more sunshine, more running time! YES!! I love it when we spring forward.  Not much more to say about that…I’ll let David Tennant show my emotion for me:

What are your favorite things about March?

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