The Ultimate Coffee Date {March Edition} #1

Good Morning!!  Did you sleep well?  I did.  Since I started running, I sleep a lot better…and I go to bed earlier.  Or maybe that’s a product of almost being 40.  Hmm.  Let’s stick with the running!

This morning I am linking up withRun Happy BlogShort Stories From Long Runs and Fitness Mom Wine Country and tons of other great bloggers for the Ultimate Coffee Date!   This is my first time doing this link up, so let’s chat together.  Grab a cup of coffee, I brewed some fresh this morning, I have a whole pot.  So join in.

If we were having coffee together, I would tell you about how far my long run is going to be today and how I bought gummy bears for mid run fuel!  How the kids tried to get into them and I had to tell them that they were for me.  They weren’t happy of course, but they will get over it.  Then we would probably discuss mid run fuel and then move into pre-run and post-run meals!

If you were at my home, you would probably ask me about the photos on my walls.  AS a professional photographer, my home is full of them.  You might also ask me about my medal hanger that my husband and daughter made for me.

If we were having coffee you might ask me when my first race of the season is, to which I would tell you it’s next Saturday and I am super excited!  I even bought a green tutu and borrowed my son’s green bow tie!

If we were having coffee, and by now we’re refilling our cups and probably eating cookies my husband handed us, I might ask you what good running films you’ve watched lately.   I would share about this film I found on Netflix called “Marathon” about an Autistic boy who wanted to run a marathon.  It was all in subtitles, but really good.   It was made in 2005 and I just found it by searching running movies at Netflix.  I watched the whole thing on my iPad with earbuds in bed when I couldn’t sleep (earbuds so I didn’t wake hubby!)

If we were having coffee, I would probably ramble on about half marathon training, because it’s sort of taking over my life!!  I would talk about how I was upset that I missed Wednesday’s 5 mile run due to a tummy ache.  I just didn’t want to risk throwing up all over a treadmill at Planet Fitness!  I would share how it was to tackle the huge hill on Scott blvd, and how today’s long run is going to be on a flatter trail.

If we were having coffee by now we’d probably be parting ways.  I would thank you for coming over and say “We need to do this more often!”.

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