Momma Don’t You Worry by Louie Lawent {Book Review}

“put your little hand in mine”

Sound familiar all of you mamas out there?  I kinda thought so.  This book hit home for me, as the mother of 2.  I remember when my kids were little ones, and they would NOT want to hold my hand in public.  Oh the horror!! Why would a child want to hold his mother’s hand?!! How embarrassing right?

Louie Lawent contacted me about a book review for his new children’s ebook “Momma Don’t You Worry”.  I wasn’t sure about this, seeing how my kids are not little ones anymore.  But I love books and recommending books to friends.

This is one I would recommend to friends (and my faithful blog readers) who have little ones in their home.  I would have read this multiple times to my kids to get them to see that they need to stay with me.

In the book, the little boy is almost 6 yrs old and afraid his mom is going to ‘cramp his style’ and he promises he will not get lost in “no man’s land”.  While at the mall, he wanders off.   How many of us have had this happen with our little ones, or seen it happen.

It happened once to my parents with my little brother (well, he’s grown up now, he wouldn’t want me calling him LITTLE but he was!).  They lost him at the Iowa State fair.  Of all places.  They found him, but this book reminded me of that.

This is a great little story to make children aware that they can get lost, even if they just step away for a minute and wander off.   Since the book is from the book is from the child’s point of view, I believe it would speak to children at a more personal level than just a parent saying “You need to hold my hand”.  When children and see something happen to another child, it makes it more real for them.

Bonus: the Illustration is adorable!

I recommend this book for parents of small children for sure.  You can pick it up on Amazon for only $1.29.  How is that for a great deal?

Title: Momma Don’t You Worry
Amazon $1.29
Author: Louie Lawent
Language: English
Published: January 2015

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