Thinking Out Loud Thursday #5

Good Morning! Time for the awesome TOL linkup with The Tiny Runner.  I have lots to talk about today.  So much has happened this week!  Grab a cup of coffee or tea and settle in 


1.  So first off HELLO! It’s been a while since I have had time to post on the blog.  I’ll start with a little update on my Half Marathon training.  Saturday I upped my mileage for the long run from 7 to 8 miles.  So I finally started thinking about mid-run fuel.  #PoweredbyGummyBears  Yes, I bought a little bag of gummy bears at Dollar Tree to see how those worked for me.  I think they worked out ok, I probably should have eaten more than I did.  I wasn’t sure how many to eat or anything.     I ran a new route which was nice and flat, which I needed after a few days in a row of running the hilly Scott Blvd route.
Sunday I ran a short 3 miler after we got home from church.  So beautiful now in Iowa that we don’t need so many layers…YAY!

2.  Hospitals.  They suck.  Yesterday Ralph went in to have a stint put in his artery in the backside of his heart.  He’s had this done multiple times, but not to this artery.  They ended up having to put 4 stints in and they kept him overnight.  We’re going to pick him up in about an hour or so.   That’s not the worst part though.  I sat in the waiting room for close to 5 hours, when I didn’t need to.  They FORGOT to come and get me after his procedure was done.  So I sat there for close to 2 hours longer than I needed to.  He was comfy in his room doing just fine and I didn’t know it.  I was hot.  I think the whole floor heard my displeasure when I got up there.  I was so stressed already from being tired and having to skip lunch.  I didn’t want to leave the waiting area, I wanted to be there if they came back with news ya know.  I even ended up having to sit on the floor in the hallway so I could plug my iPad in.  I was watching movies so I wore the battery down pretty fast.   The worst part was not knowing what was going on.  I didn’t know if he was ok, if something bad had happened, etc.    So you can imagine that by the time I climbed the stairs from the 3rd floor to the 7th floor I had plenty of time for my blood to boil.  Now, you have to understand, I am a Christian, but I am also a very hot blooded Irish girl with a temper to match my red hair.  I don’t often explode on people, I can usually keep it under control, but I could not yesterday.  I was so upset.   Thankfully when I got home, I was able to make the kids dinner and then go pound the pavement for 5.15 miles.  That made me feel so much better!  Later that evening, after I picked the kids up from youth group we went up to see Ralph for about an hour.  The kids hadn’t seen him all day, and they missed him, especially little Abby who is extra close to her dad.

I did manage to have a Starbucks iced coffee in the morning while we waited in his room for them to take him to surgery.  Then there’s the hallway that was my view while I charged my iPad on the floor. #boring

3.  Beautiful Weather.  The weather has really been gorgeous here lately.  The last couple of days it’s been in the upper 50’s lower 60’s and just gorgeous.   Monday the kids and I took a walk down the trail I usually run.  We took the dog and had a really nice time.  We covered about 3 miles.  I brought my camera along.  I don’t take enough time to take pics of my routes for you guys to see. I need to do better.

4. Dog Sitting.  This week we are dog sitting 2 dogs, from 2 different families.   Nubbs got here Tuesday night.  He’s such a cutie.  He’s a Papillion.  Twizzler isn’t so sure about having this other dog here.  She’s been our only dog for 4 yrs, so when we dog sit she doesn’t really like it very much!  We get another friend’s dog tomorrow night, his name is Pippin.  So we’ll have 3 dogs! It will be interesting!

5.  Virtual Races.   I love to run Virtual Races.  It gives me a chance to earn a medal for some of my training runs 


   I don’t do them too often, but I will if I fully support the cause!   I signed up months ago for the RunJunkEes Run Club virtual run.  I signed up for the 10k which works out PERFECTLY because the race takes place April 1st and I already had a 6 miler on my training schedule for that day.    I can just add another .2 and I’m golden!  The medal is so nice and it even came with a sticker for my car, which I attempted to put on the car yesterday.  I say attempted because I ended up with lots of bubbles under it.  I should have let hubby do it.  Sigh…
It also came with a BondiBand and a sample of Sport Beans.  Which I am saving for my 10 mile long run on the 28th.

I have just enough room above my 10k sticker for my Half Sticker.  If I ever run a Marathon I’ll have to buy a new car! HAHA!

Well, I think that’s about it for me this week.  I had so much fun thinking out loud with all of you.  Link up if you can, it’s so much fun.

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