A Day in The Life {Friday Five}

It’s FRIDAY! YAY! Time for this week’s Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Blog about running, Cynthia at  You Signed up for What?! & Marathone Running!

This week’s topic is A Day in the Life (5 Things about My Day).    My life isn’t all too exciting, but I’ll try my best!!

1.  First I get up and get my coffee!  If it weren’t for coffee I’m not so sure I’ve be enjoyable to be around in the A.M.!!  So I must have coffee right away.  I usually make the best, check my Flylady Flight Plan for the day and have my coffee :)    Then I’m checking my running blog subscriptions and emails.

2.  I then start on my Flylady tasks.  I do dishes, start laundry and swish & swipe the bathroom.   If you don’t know who Flylady is, you need to check her out!  Her methods to organizing your home and keeping the clutter under control are unmatched!

3.  Get the kids started on school.  We home school.  So around 10 or 11 in the morning I start the kids on studies once they have been up for a little while and had breakfast.  We’re pretty loose about our schedule.  I let the kids sleep till they wake naturally, and sometimes that is 9 or later.
Ryan, since he’s 16 often will work all on his own, with maybe a few questions here and there.  Abby who is 13 will often need more of a push from me and often need more help with some of her work.  Which is great, that’s what I’m here for.  At their ages now though, they work pretty independently.

4.  Workout.  Usually I don’t get to work out till the afternoons.  It’s still dark till 7ish or so, so I don’t run early in the mornings yet, I usually like to run in the afternoons when it’s warmer out too.   I run early mornings in the summertime.  So if it’s a running day I will run, otherwise I will bike ride with Ryan or go to the gym with my friend Carol and use the machines.  It varies on what I need to get done that day.   This meme is me today, it’s rest day.  I think I am going to go on a bike ride though.  The high today is Iowa is 70! I cannot spend that at the gym!!

5.  Blogging.  Usually in the evenings is when I do my blogging.  Typing up the next day’s post.  Except for this week.  With hubby being in the hospital on Wednesday/Thursday it kinda messed up my whole week and I really didn’t get my blogs up the night before and scheduled to post when I needed them to be.  Yikes!  I am hoping next week will be calmer around here.  I do love the blogging, especially the linkups like this, I love getting comments on my blog and finding new blogs to follow & comment on.  It’s such a fun community and bloggers are super fun people!

Well, that’s about my day.  It varies of course, but that’s about it right there.

What do your days look like?  

What’s one thing you always do each and every day?

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