Mid-Week Bites | Getting Faster and Feeling Stronger

Happy Hump Day!!  I hope you all had a great St Paddy’s Day!  I know I did.  I worked my volunteer job.  I’m excited because they are going to cross-train me to be an ultrasound tech!  I’m a receptionist right now, which I still will be, but this means that I get to assist with ultrasounds!  I’m so excited!  There is nothing like being in the room assisting with ultrasounds and getting to see the gift of life!!

I think I overdid it just a little at the race on Saturday, then my 6 mile run after, because my shins hurt bad, especially my left one, on Sunday so I decided to forgo my 2 mile run on Sunday and just recover.  So Sunday after church we just hung out at home.   I worked on prepping for a Newborn session I had on Monday so I watched videos and read my online PDF’s from newborn classes I’ve taken online.  Church was fantastic as always.  We learned about the importance of the outward statement of Faith you make by getting baptized.   It was very educational and made me want to get baptized again! (however, you need only do it once, when you accept Christ as your savior).  That afternoon we went to Little Ceasers and picked up two $5 pizzas.  I’d gain 100lbs if I wasn’t careful…they are good and cheap and so easy to just go there and pick them up when they are always hot and ready!00

Monday I had my Newborn session in the morning.   Little Annie and her family.  She has a older sister and brother.  She was just 10 days old when I was there.  So tiny and precious.  Here’s a little sneak peek!

When I got home from the session Abby and I ran to Best China for lunch (I need to stop eating out!) and brought it home as Ralph wasn’t feeling so good.  The pain meds they gave him for his broken ribs make him super ill.  So he won’t take any more of those!    Then Ryan got home (he was paid to help some people move-they paid him $120!)    Later Abby and I ran to Walmart and picked up a bunch of stuff, some food and other things.  I picked up a long sleeved workout shirt, a pair of capris and a new sports bra. All for under $30!  I was a happy girl!!

Then that night we watched our new favorite series (well, Abby and I at least lol) The Voice! I love that show!!  The stars (Pharrell, Christina, Adam and Blake)  just crack me up with all of their banter.  I am always laughing a lot during each episode.

Tuesday morning my boys got up early as usual for Bible Study/Prayer breakfast at McDonalds with Pastor Arch, his middle son and a few of the other men from church.   I was roused from slumber by the dog we’re dog sitting…he wanted out NOW!  So I got up and stumbled to the door to put him out into the backyard.  So then I got coffee and just stayed up.  At 7am.  I could have slept longer.  Oh well.   We made a Dollar Tree & Fareway run.  We needed some things at Dollar Tree and then we needed groceries for the St Patrick’s day meal at Fareway.  When we got home Ralph started the corned beef in the slow cooker and I got ready for work.  Stopped at Subway and picked up a sub to take to work with me.   Work was very slow, but I had plenty to do with paperwork and things like that.
That afternoon when I got home I changed and went on my 4 mile run (kind of a Tuesday tradition now!) and Ryan rode his bike with me.  It was really nice, but Monday it was 80 and Tuesday it was only in the low to mid 40’s so quite the roller coaster of temps in Iowa this week!!  We can take it, we’re used to it and tough!  The run went really well.  I had a negative split the 2nd mile, but the wind was to our backs the first 2 miles, and then we turned and headed right into it coming home.  My pace was still an average of 10:35 which is faster for me.
I can tell that I am getting stronger and feeling better when I run.  I can run longer running intervals between walking breaks.  I am working on making sure I am keeping my stride short and stand up straight.  I remind myself of what Jeff Galloway says when he said to run shorter strides so you don’t run out of energy too fast.  This has helped me considerably.

I’m excited to be picking up my packet tomorrow for the Lucky Run 10K that I am running on Saturday morning.  My friend Anne Marie is running this one with me.   There’s also going to be a bunch of members of Team RWB there as well as members of my local RunJunkEes Run club!! Lots of photos to be had I am sure!

I’ve got a 6 miler to do today, that I am tempted to join the local running group for.  They are running the route for the Lucky Run.  I’d have to run it twice if I was going to get my 6 miles in.  I cannot decide what I want to do!  Well,  I should go, I need to get another cup of coffee and start laundry!

Have a great Wednesday!

How often do you go out to eat?

Do you watch The Voice?

Have you ever used Jeff Galloway’s Run Walk Run Method?

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