Five Favorite Things about SPRING! {Five on Friday}

Spring is coming….I can feel it!  Time for this week’s Friday Five Link up with Courtney at Blog about running, Cynthia at  You Signed up for What?! & Marathon Running!  This week’s theme is SPRING.  We’re all ready for it right?  Can I get an AMEN?!

1. WARM TEMPS.  I am so ready for this.  It’s warmed up a little in Iowa, but not enough for me.   I still had to wear my jacket, vest, gloves and stocking cap for yesterday’s 4 miler.   I know it’s spring when I don’t have to wear so many layers to run!   I love it when it warms up enough to wear capris, and a Tshirt without a jacket! YES!   Then there’s all the melting though..and rain.  April showers bring May flowers right?   Lucky for us almost all of our snow is gone.  I was thinking of my Eastern friends today, who are praying it doesn’t melt too fast!   I know they don’t want flooding! Oh, and I also LOVE having the windows in the house open and the heat off!

2.  RACES!!!  Spring is when the racing season starts back in full swing in Iowa!  I already had one last week, and tomorrow I have another one! YAY!  My Half is in May, and the other day I registered for the Des Moines Half Marathon in October (getting into fall but ya know…).  I have a few over the summer too.  But I just love it when spring races start filling up my schedule!   I went to WeRun and picked up my packet yesterday for tomorrow’s race and check out my bib number!!   I was the first one to sign up!

3.  My Birthday!  My birthday is in the end of March (the 29th to be exact) so I always look forward to spring for that reason also.  This year I’ll be 39 again 40.  YIKES!   We’re not really doing anything for my birthday, keeping it low key.  I am spending enough on races that I told hubby I didn’t want anything for my birthday.   I mean, just the IMT Half Marathon in Des Moines alone is costing us 2 nights in a hotel.  So yeah, I don’t need anything, him putting up with all my races and running is enough for me.  My hubby spoils me 


4. Camping!  We love love love to Camp and it’s so hard all winter when we cannot go out.  We have had our first spring site booked since like November!  Our first trip out is April 15th and I cannot wait!!  It will take some work to de-winterize the RV and get it ready, but it’s so worth it!  I miss hiking and cooking s’mores and having drinks around the fire.  So nice.    When we are camping I always enjoy having new routes to run as well.  This year my runs will be so much longer than last year, so I will be able to explore that much more!   Abby just said today that she missed hiking too.  We drove down by the Coralville Dam yesterday,  so we could look at which site we’re in and stuff like that.

5. Walks with the kids & the dog.  Since they don’t run with me, I enjoy taking walks with them when it’s nice out.  We seriously need to work with the dog this year to get her trained better to walk beside us.  She likes to pull, too much.   It’s nice to take the break from running you know, slow down and spend that time with the kids.   I also like it because I bring my camera and get lots of great pics.  Speaking of the camera, I also love spring because that’s when my photography business picks up after the dead winter.  So nice to be outside working with clients!

What are your favorite things about spring?  Join the link up!

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