Thinking Out Loud Thursday #6

Welcome to another #thinkingoutloudThursday!  I have no clue what I’m going to ramble on about…but follow along…I’m sure I can come up with something!  Linking up with Amanda at The Tiny Runner as always!

1.  So often when I go about typing this up, I have no issues with what to talk about.  However, today is not that day.  Anyone who knows I love to talk, so I am pretty sure I’ll be able to come up with something!    I’m still on an emotional high over Saturday’s Race PR.  If you want to read about that, check out my blog post HERE  It was amazing and when my 6 miler was getting a little hairy yesterday, thinking of that PR really pushed me through.

2.  I have a 10K this weekend.  I’m so excited about it because I am running with a friend of mine, Anne Marie from church.  It should be a blast!  I am going to pick up my packet later today!   Then I’ll have photos I’ll share on IG (@Amy_Marie75) of my shirt and stuffs!!  So excited!   This will be my first “official” 10K.  I ran a 7 miler last year, but not an actual 10K.    Plus, this is the run I missed out on because of an injury last year, and last year it was ON my birthday, which was a real bummer.  So I knew, that I was going to do it this year, and do the 10 instead of the 5K!!

3. Yesterday I bit the bullet and signed up for my 2nd Half Marathon of 2015!   The IMT Half Marathon in Des Moines, Iowa.   I am really excited about this one, because this means a hotel room with the family!   However, it also means 2 nights in a hotel.  So….I need to start saving my pennies 


 I cannot think of anything I would love more than a pool when I come back from running 13.1 miles!  I am also pumped about being part of such a huge race!!!  Katherine Switzer is going to be at the Expo!!!!!

4.  Last night hubby and I had date night while the kids were at Youth Group.   We went to Bandana’s BBQ and split a pulled pork burger. & sweet potato fries.  It was really good.  I had 2 glasses of White Zinfandel.  However, two glasses and I could have bought a while bottle of wine.  However, it was worth it for a very nice evening out with my husband.

My own photo of wine + a stock photo of their sandwich :)

5.   Today our copy of Mockingjay Part one arrives from Amazon!  YAY!  So we may have to have a marathon of the movie kind!!  I need to watch the other two.  I haven’t watched The Hunger games or Catching Fire for a while, so it would be fun to do that.
I am also looking forward to the 2nd Divergent movie that comes out this weekend, Insurgent.   We will go to the theater on Tuesday to see that, then we all get in for $5 each.

So I need to get stuff done around here!  I hope you all had a good time “listening” to me ramble!    I love Thinking Out Loud Thursdays!

Are you signed up for any big races this year that you’re really looking forward to?

Do you like to go eat BBQ?

Are you a fan of the Divergent or Hunger Games movies?

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