Lucky Run PR & Weekly Goals

Happy Monday!!  Yes….I PR’d AGAIN this weekend!!  I’m on a roll!  Saturday was the We Run Lucky Run.  I ran the 10K with my friend Anne Marie.  We had a blast and she did really well.  This was only her 2nd race and she had worked a 12 hour shift the day before!

I finished with a time of 1:05:20.  Beating my last 10K time of 1:12:00  When I was done I turned back and found Anne Marie (just coming up to the finish) and I ran with her to the finish to encourage her to run faster!    Afterwards I got to meet my friend, Kimberly from Run Happy Blog.  That was awesome too.  Ralph and I just went home after the race, as the the kids stayed at home.   I took an Epsom salt bath for my sore legs and then relaxed around the house.  It was really nice.  God is so good.  There’s no way I could have done this without Him.    I can always feel Him pushing me along when I am running.   I am so grateful for this gift He has bestowed upon me.

Oh, funny story.  I got to the race and realized I forgot my chip at home!! I did not attach it to my shoe! *duh*  So yesterday I ran it back up to the store for Kris so she could return it to the timing company.  So lucky for me I had my Garmin, I just went by the time on my watch.    I felt like such a dork though!  Who does that?  I know better than to forget the chip! OY

Anyway, here’s some photos from the race!  This is at the finish, after I went back to get Anne Marie, you can see how I jumped out of the line before the finish LOL

Here’s some pics of us together with our medals, plus one shot of Kimberly and I!

Kimberly is clearly better than I am at the selfies, I look like I’m falling backwards haha!  It’s also very hard to see where your hand is using a cell phone in the sun.  I really missed my photographer daughter who usually takes photos for me at races.

My shoulder was hurting on Saturday, but not from working out, well, you could kinda call it that.  I re-arranged our whole living room on Friday, and attempted to push the couch a little so I could plug something in, but I thought I’d use my shoulder.  Dumb Dumb Dumb.  It’s feeling a little better today.  Here’s some shots of the progress and then the finished living room.  I am very pleased with the outcome and the family likes it better this way as well.

It’s going to take a while of course for the imprints from the couch to go away in the carpet, and I still haven’t figured out the lamp situation but that will work itself out.

So we had a pretty busy weekend!  Sunday we had worship, booked the hotel for the Des Moines (Half) Marathon in October and then ran the chip up to WeRunLLC in North Liberty.  Then we stopped at Walmart and came home.   Ralph made homemade chicken noodle soup…yum, then we had Home Small Group Bible Study.   It was such a lovely day.

I need to set up some goals for myself this week.  I know I am getting faster and better with my running, but I need to work on other things as well.  So the core work seriously needs to come into play this week.

Monday:  Gym work.  Core, arms & chest.  Maybe some yoga.  I keep putting this off.  I want to try it, but it’s about impossible for me to get my motivation to do things at home.

Tuesday: 5 mile run, volunteering at Informed Choices  and then we’re going to see Insurgent in the theater!

Wednesday: 6 mile run.  Stretching and some yoga.

Thursday: 5 mile run.  Core work and arms.

Friday: Rest day.  Yoga.  Basically relaxing before my biggest long run so far on Saturday

Saturday: 10 mile long run.  THE LONGEST I have ever done!!  This is my first double digit run! (and I am scared to death!)

So that’s my week.  I’m excited and scared about running that 10 mile run.  At least I know with my run/walk/run method that I am doing I can have those walking breaks in there that help me recover.  They really do wonders for the long runs.  I mean, this is the Half Training…when it comes to the Half I will be doing 13.1!

Did you race this past weekend?  

How often do you move furniture around in your home?

What’s the longest Long Run you’ve done so far this year?

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