Mid-Week Bites

Wow it’s Wednesday already?  Where’s the time go?  I ended up being so busy on Tuesday that I never got a blog post put up.   So here I am, getting back to the blogging today!

I snagged some more photos from my 10k on Saturday.  One of me, and then a few of me after I finished, running with Anne Marie to the finish!

You can see in this series of photos how I ran with her till we got close then I jumped out of the way.  I was so proud of her!!  Her first 10K!!

Monday was a rest day for me, but I went to the gym later that afternoon and met up with my friend Carol & her husband Chris.  We walked 2 miles on the treadmill and then worked on some free weights and core.

Tuesday I got up and had a nasty cough.  I was so worried I wouldn’t be able to run.  But I had some coffee and sucked it up.  5 miles later I felt so much better!  It was sunny in the morning and much better for running, as later that day it cooled down, got cloudy and rained.    When I got home from my run, and I did my usual leg up the wall yoga pose, my dog decided she really missed me while I was gone LOL!

She laid down practically on top of me.  It was hilarious!!   Then after that I showered and left for my volunteer job.  Stopped at Subway on the way and picked up lunch.  yum.  It was a pretty uneventful time at work, we only had one appointment the whole time I was there and no walk ins.  So basically I did some paperwork for them the whole time.
I weighed myself on Tuesday as well.  I am now 185 which means I lost another 3lbs!!! WOOHOO!  I also had hubby help me and we measured my neck, waist and hips and entered those into MyFitnessPal.  I want to start tracking those things as well.   The above photo kinda depressed me about my weight.  However, I know I am the only one that can change it, so I just need to be better about it.  Logging my food and making better choices.
When I got home we had dinner and headed to the mall to see Insurgent.  It was really good.  I know it got criticized for being so different from the book, but I still really enjoyed it.  I cannot wait for Alligent, which I hear is going to be 2 films.  I hope that’s true.
Bonus was that since I am a Movie Rewards card member we each got a small popcorn for free! Score! (and we only paid $5 each to get in)

Today I have a 6 mile run planned.  Other than that we have to take the comforter to the laundromat, drop off some clothes and misc stuff to donations and stop at Walmart for a few things.   Not a super exciting day planned.    I am hoping to do some stretching or yoga after my run today.  I need to do more of that after I run.  I am not good about adding the stretching.  I just run and then shower!!

Well, I know it’s kind of a short and sweet blog post today.  I have a billion things to do today and hubby wants to leave for the laundromat and Walmart.  Talk to you all soon! ♥

How has your week been so far?

Did you go see Insurgent?  Is there a movie out right now that you want to see but haven’t?

Do you run today?

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