Thinking Out Loud Thursday #7

Time for another edition of Thinking Out Loud Thursday…voicing what’s on my mind as it pops in to it, and not worrying about a structured post.  A very good thing for curing writer’s block!

Linking up this week with Amanda from The Tiny Runner

So a funny thing happened yesterday.  We went to Walmart (ok, not so funny), we bought a ton of stuff including a spiral sliced ham.  Then when we got home we realized we didn’t have it!  OY! So we had to drive back and get one.  They wouldn’t let us have the same one, since it was out of refridgeration for almost an hour.  Oh good grief.  I guess they said when those things happen they donate them to the food bank.  I sure hope so.

After Walmart we went to the laundromat to wash our Queen sized comforter that we cannot fit in our washer/dryer at home.  While it was washing we walked around the petstore next door.   We got to hold a bearded dragon, a bunny rabbit and ferrets.  However, now I want a few more rats, and a rabbit lol!    There were 3 college kids in there buying a pet rat.  It was just a little baby and I was just in love.  It was hilarious though, because we’ve owned many rats, I knew more about them than the girl working there did.  She had to ask me what their life expectancy was, when they asked her.  She didn’t even know.  DO your research online, pet store workers know very little!!   The guys were very happy when I told them NOT to buy their expensive rat food.  They are rats.  They will eat leftovers!

Abby loves the bearded dragons but they don’t work for our lifestyle, we travel too much in the summer time and they need constant care.  I’m so addicted to going to the petstore.  It’s a good thing we don’t live in our own home (we rent) and that we don’t live in the country or I would have so many animals…as it is right now we have 2 birds, 1 dog, 1 rat and a 55 gallon fish tank.   I’m getting more baby rats when Tootsie passes on.  She’s getting up there in age and is an albino rat who is now blind.  Poor girl.

So if you didn’t read yesterday’s post.  This Saturday is my first double digit run.  I’m excited, but also pretty nervous.  This will only be my 2nd run long enough to bring mid-run fuel.  I have Mamma Chia Squeezes that I purchased at Target.  I’m going to try those.  I may also pick up one Gu packet on my way to my running location.   I’m running with Team RWB on Saturday as part of the Run as One Event.  I’m excited that I will have others to run with for my first 10 mile run.   I think I may eat the Chia Squeeze on the way there, then use the Gu for mid-run.    The Run as One event starts off at the Running Store which will be perfect for me to pick up Gu there :)

Speaking of running.  I ran 6 miles on the Scott Hill again yesterday.  I did really well till about mile 4 and a half or so when my Planter Fasciitis flared up and forced me to walk more than I would have liked.  I still made it in 1:09:38.  I knew I needed to tackle that hill again though, since it’s been a while and hills make you stronger!!

So since my birthday is this coming Sunday…I had a friend invite me to attend her Zumba at the gym I used to go to.  I haven’t been to zumba class in FOREVER!!!   My friend Kendle teaches on Thursday nights and said I can come as her guest!! YAY!   I have missed her Zumba class so much.  So today I will be running 5 miles AND going to Zumba!   My foot better behave itself.

Speaking of my birthday..the women’s group at church is having a luncheon for me at a mexican place here in town Friday morning at 11:30!! I love mexican food.   We have group of about 15-20 of us and we do this for each birthday.    So hopefully I’ll have lots of pics from that to share on Saturday’s post.  So now I may have to post on Saturday…which I normally don’t do!    The birthday luncheons are always so much fun, we pray, fellowship and give little presents to the birthday girl.  A few weeks ago there was one but we were totally broke and I couldn’t go :(

I ordered business cards for this blog!! I mean, I already had some for my photography blog obviously.  However, I thought it would be fun to have some for this blog.  I could give them to vendors at Expos, other runners, etc.   They came today and they look awesome!

Here’s the digital image of what’s on them and what they look like in person.  I like that Vista Print already had a polka dot design, because it matches my blog!

Well, I should wrap it up for this week.  Thanks to Amanda for this amazing link up!   Link up with us and Think Out Loud!

Have you ever tried Zumba?

What kind of pets do you have?

Do you have cards for a blog or business?

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