Lessons in Life {Turning 40}

As I have now turned this age that most women want to run from at top speeds, I thought I would blog about some things I’ve learned about life, and myself over these past 40 yrs.  Btw-I did not run from it at top speeds.  I am actually excited about turning 40!

1.  It’s ok to say NO.  This is a biggie for me.  I would always just say yes to everything because I wanted to be loved/liked.  Seriously?  I think people respect you more when you do what you have time for.  You’re only going to stress yourself out when you try to make time for everyone and not your self.   Accept the things you can do, and have time for, and say no to the things you cannot.

2.  Step Out of the Comfort Zone.  This has been hard for me over the years.  I like to stay in my comfortable little bubble.   Sometimes though, nothing happens till we are out of the CZ.  Dance crazy on the dance floor, run the marathon you didn’t think you could (or in my case, sign up for 2 half marathons in on year when you have not run more than a 10K), say you’ll go skydiving with your girls (seriously, someone invite me to do this lol) & do the thing that scares you!

3. Pray more.  I need to do this.  I do talk to God on most of my runs, but not all of them, and it’s been rare lately.  Too busy focusing on the music.  He wants to hear from us.  He wants to be a part of our lives.  I would not be turning 40 today without Him.  I have made many dangerous decisions in my life and I know God has a purpose for me, that’s why I am still here (what other reason is there?)

4. Laugh, Kiss & Hug.  We need relationships in our lives.  The most Important is your relationship with Christ.  He saved us and He wants to know us on a personal level.  The other relationships are spouses, our kids (if you have them) and friends.  I don’t know where I would be without all of those things.  I was reminded of that again last night when our Pastor, his wife and their kids surprised us at our home last night with a gift and birthday cake for me!  I cherish those moments.

5. Weight is relative.  I have spent much of my adult life (post kids) worrying about my weight.  I have lost 25lbs then gained it back.  I am trying to lose 50lbs right now, but trying not to stress about it.  I know it will improve my health, but I’ve taken better care of myself these past 10yrs than I did before, so I feel healthier turning 40 than I did when I turned 30!   Yes, we should improve ourselves, but weight is not the only way to do that.  If you do not love your body the way it is now, then what is your motivation for changing it?  You have to love yourself now, and along every milestone, or you will never be happy.   We are all beautiful at every shape, size and shape.

6.  Volunteer.  They say volunteers live longer.  I can totally see how that’s possible.  It warms my heart each week when I can go and help out at Informed Choices.  I know that my little part is helping make a difference.  I am a little part of something so big, but I am still a part of it.   All organizations need lots of little parts to make it all happen.  Find a cause and support it!  Volunteer.  I guarantee it will change your life!

7.  Slow Down.  We rush rush rush so much in our daily lives.  Take time for the little things.  Enjoy a cup of coffee and a good book.  Sit with the kids and watch a movie. Step away from the electronics.  I am horrible about this but trying to be better.  It’s a process.   We miss the things people say when we’re staring at a screen.  I know my husband would say I do this all the time, and I do.  I tend to be very ADHD in my attention and the screen time does not help that at all.  We also schedule ours lives down to every minute of every day.  Well just STOP.  Take time to just go on a walk and talk to your family.

8. Your Past is in the PAST.  Forget about it.  There is forgiveness in Christ.  When we dwell on what we did in our past, we do not enjoy what blessings we have in our lives in the moment.   My past is not pretty, and I am glad it’s there, in the past.  There are no words for the weight that was lifted off of me when I gave my life over to Christ.

9.  Don’t Fret the Little Things.  This has been working on me for a long time.  I would get so upset over the tiniest little things.  Don’t.  Just Don’t.  There are so many big things that will need your full attention, and if you’re dwelling on the little things you’ll miss it, or you won’t be able to help to your full capacity.  Just let it go, there’s no use in crying over spilled milk 


10.  Be YOURSELF.  I cannot be someone else. God made me who I AM and He made you to be who YOU are.  Embrace it.  I talk loud, I laugh loud, I’m mildly insane, I like to brag about my accomplishments (but only because I cannot do them without Christ and I want all to know that), I shop a little too much, I don’t clean the house as well as my husband would like, I am forgetful.  These things make up who I am and I wouldn’t trade them for anything.    I know it sounds cliche’ but it’s so true.   If you cannot be accepting of who you are, how can you accept anyone else?

I hope you have a wonderful week ahead!  Just know that I appreciate you!!  Thank you for coming to my blog and reading/commenting on it! It brightens my day!

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