Thinking Out Loud #8

YAY time for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.   I am so happy to be back to the blogging.  Did you miss me?  I’ve been so busy with Holy Week festivities and getting over a nasty cold that I have barely even thought about blogging.

Holy Week.  I love the week before Easter!!  Last night we had the Seder Supper at church.  So lovely.  I love hearing the ways God told His people as far back as the original Passover, that Jesus is the Passover Lamb. That if we put His blood on the doorposts of our hearts the way that the Jews put the Passover lamb’s blood on the doorposts of their homes, we will be saved as they were.  Jesus is the Lamb of God, He is the one who made the ultimate sacrifice for our sins by dying for us on the cross.

“When you enter the land which the LORD will give you, as He has promised, you shall observe this rite. “And when your children say to you, ‘What does this rite mean to you?’ you shall say, ‘It is a Passover sacrifice to the LORD who passed over the houses of the sons of Israel in Egypt when He smote the Egyptians, but spared our homes ‘” And the people bowed low and worshiped.  -Exodus 12:25-27

Half Marathon Training.  So far so good.  I have decided that starting next week, for the remainder of the training (6 weeks) I am removing the short recovery runs on Sundays (I wasn’t doing them anyway) and moving the Tuesday mileage to Monday.  This will give me a day off after Saturday’s long run, and a break in the 3 days in a row.  So rather than running Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday… I’ll be running Monday, Wednedsay, Thursday and then Saturday.  I think this might help my shin splints as well.    Speaking of my sore shins (ouch) they hurt bad enough today that I took the day off.  I am not going to run today.  I figure one to 2 days off is better than 6+ weeks because I end up with a stress fracture.  I don’t know why I constantly get shin splints.  I have brand new shoes, (well, they have about 300 miles on them now, but should be good till 500) and I wear compression sleeves, put my legs up on the wall after every run and stretch.  oy.   Between the shin splints and my Planter Facsiitis running isn’t always so fun 


Yesterday I attempted to knock out 6.2 miles since I had a virtual run I had to do, but the STRONG wind was so terrible it wore me out.  I was so exhausted that I only made it 5.6 miles.    I’ll count the first 6.2 miles on Saturday as my 10K for the Virtual run.

Movies.  So in case you missed it, I posted a review (HERE) of McFarland USA last week.  It was so good!! If you like motivational movies…GO SEE IT!  Another great one that we saw on Tuesday night was DO YOU BELIEVE.  Amazing!  It was very well done and inspirational. 

 The Photography Biz.  Incase you didn’t know it by now, I am a Professional Photographer and now that it’s starting to warm up in Iowa business is starting to pick up.  I had a newborn session 2 weeks ago and they came to view/order their images today.  I had a consult on Tuesday for a Senior session.  The graduating seniors are some of my favorite people to work with.    I’m so happy to get back into shoot sessions again and working outdoors.  Since I don’t have a studio space, I pretty much don’t work in the winter.

• Colds and snot.  I have this horrible cold.  It’s been hanging out in my system for about 2 weeks now.  And now it snot funny anymore because most of my coughs are productive.  Meaning I am gagging and spitting out snot that I’m coughing up out of my lungs.  Lovely right? YUCK!  It hasn’t stopped me from running though.  I haven’t missed any running because of it.  I figure as long as I don’t have a fever, the fresh air is probably really good for me!

SPRING!!  I am so happy spring is apparently here in Iowa!!  The birds are singing, we have the windows open in the house and I have been able to run in capris and a short sleeved tech shirt! It’s glorious!!  I love spring.  On the 15th of this month we go on our first camping trip of the 2015 season.  I’m pumped!   It’s amazing to me how a nice temp outside paired with sunshine changes your whole mood.   SAD in the winter is a real thing people.  I get it, as I know lots of others do as well.  So the spring is such a refreshing time.

Well, I think that’s it for this week’s THINKING OUT LOUD post.   In the midst of trying to type this out I made waffles for lunch and watched a SHAYTARDS video on YouTube.  Love them! 

Ok, I do think I am done now.  For Reals.  Have a Very Blessed Holy Week! 

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