Thinking Out Loud #9

Good morning everyone!  I hope y’all are doing well.  Time for another round of Thinking Out Loud Thursday link up!  Hosted by the lovely Amanda at The Tiny Runner.

1. Have you seen this amazing video by Dove?  Oh my.  I watched it last night and I had to get a tissue.  How do you see yourself?  Would you walk through the Average door or the Beautiful door?

It really is sad that most women do not see themselves as beautiful.  I am included in that.  If I was honest with my myself, I would have picked the average door.  I know God made me in His image, and that I am beautiful in His sight, but society makes us feel as though we should choose the average door.  We need to absolutely stop body and image shaming.

2. Speaking of looking & feeling beautiful have you seen this?  6 Bikini Selfies that will change how you see before/after weight loss photos  Do NOT trust everything you see on Instagram.  I know this is possible, changing your angle, sucking it in…  I know because I am a professional photographer. It is possible to make yourself look completely different with just a few tricks.   Do not judge your worth on how someone else looks.  I would try this, but I’m too modest to let anyone see me in a bikini….actually I don’t even own one, even when I was thin I never had one.    Now I am in NO way saying that all Transformation pics aren’t truthful, I’m just saying that just like everything else on the internet use your best judgement.

3.  This week the kids and I went to Planet Fitness and my son, age 16 got his own membership.   I was really happy that he asked me about it and wanted to start working out.  It made this mama’s heart happy.  Since I have the PF Black Card membership I can bring Abby with me as a guest, so now we can go together as a family.   Speaking of working out, the VA finally approved Ralph for Cardiac Rehab so he started that yesterday.  They also want him walking the dog for 20 minutes on the days he doesn’t go to rehab.   Hopefully we can keep up with that as well.  Wonder if I could convince them both to run a 5K with me..

4.  Speaking of Running.  I am 5 weeks out from my VERY FIRST Half Marathon!! EEK!  I’m getting a little worried nervous.  I know I just need to trust my training, but it seems overwhelming.   This weekend is 11 miles.  I am actually running it on Sunday because all day Saturday I am going to be working an aid station at an Ultra Marathon and I am thinking that after working that on my feet for 7 & 1/2 hours, I’m not going to feel like running 11 miles.   So I changed my schedule around a little for next week.  We’ll see.  I am still going to bring all my gear with me on Saturday.  If I still feel like the long run, I’ll have hubby drop me off and I’ll run home 


5.  Last night I booked another Senior sesh.  So now I have one this month (next Saturday) and one on May 2nd.  I love the High School seniors. They are so fun.  What sets the girls (generally) apart is that they want their senior portraits taken.  Mostly the boys do it because mom says they have to.  On the other hand, I’ve had 2 guys this year that contacted me on their own, without mom.
The one girl I’ve worked with previously.  Last summer I had some young ladies meet me at a cool location for a modeling shoot. I needed some promo photos.  Isn’t she cute?

5.  Green Smoothies.  Do you drink green smoothies?  Man I just love them.  I made a really good one yesterday.  I put in some coconut juice *with pulp*, chia seeds, a handful of fresh spinach, a banana, some frozen mango and a little honey.  I don’t often measure things, I just dump them into the Vitamix.  So it made enough for my daughter and I to both have a glass.   It was so good.  Sorry…I was so busy enjoying it I didn’t get a photo!

6.  We’re going camping next Wednesday!! I’m so excited!!!  I’m just praying that the weather is WARMER next week than it has been the last few days.  Today it’s raining.

7. That’s it for this week’s post!!  Join us at the link up and run away with your random thoughts!!

What are your thoughts on the Average/Beautiful Video?  Which would you choose? Do you think you see yourself the way God sees you?

Do you work out with your kids?

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