Hello from the Campground!

Well, ok, I’m not at the campground right now, but I will be shortly!  We are home because my daughter had writing class at the Pastor’s house to go to, and I have a client consult at Panera at 3pm, so we had to be home for a while.

We picked up the camper and headed out to the campground near our home yesterday.  We set it up, and then headed to Costco & Walmart for groceries.

We cheated and picked up a rotisserie chicken from Costco for dinner.  We had that when we got back with cole slaw, potato salad, applesauce and bread with butter.  It was a nice meal.  Then we walked around the area a little.  I did get some pics with my phone, but it was getting dark so they aren’t the best.

So as you can see, blurry.  I’ll have more photos to share in the next post, I promise.

I need to get going now, so I can go meet my client, then we’re heading back to the campground.  We have friends coming out Friday night and they are leaving Sunday and we’re coming home on Monday.

Car update for those of you wondering:  It needs a new engine, which we cannot afford.  So we’re going to sell it at Auction and then live with one car till we can save up for a new one.   However, we are blessed to still have the truck!

Anyway, I hope you all have a fantastic week!

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