Time Off, Dog Sitting & a Pink Cast

My long run was yesterday.  It was planned for  Saturday but then they were  calling for Thunderstorms, so I decided to run it on Sunday instead.  Or rather I walked and ran when I could.  It was rough.  It was super hot out, the sun was beating on me the whole time and my PF was horrible.  Even in my new Transcends, which the run before that they helped tremendously so I thought they were the key.

So I hobbled for the last mile, broke down and called hubby at mile 9 to come get me.  My goal was 10 miles, even though the training plan said 12.   After consulting with various runner friends who assured me that I would be better off to take the next two weeks off completely and run the race on fresh legs, that I will be able to finish stronger without pushing myself so much.

I have decided that I am not running for the next two weeks.  My Half is on the 16th of May.  I will be doing other things though, YouTube videos at home, lifting and light cardio at the gym.   Today I took Ibuprofen and iced my foot.  I also ordered a pack of KT tape to take up my foot for the race.

I did relax with a nice glass of wine last night, once I got over cutting another long run short (did last week as well).  It made me feel a little better, along with family time of course (and an earlier bedtime!)

For those of you who follow me on Instagram you know that my daughter, Abby went to the Orthopedic place today (super early at 7:30am!) and was fitted with a real cast.  Not that temporary splint they put her in at the hospital.   She went with Hot Pink…of course! 😉

I drug my real camera all the way there, and then she got upset that I was going to pull it out and take photos. Sheesh. So I left it in the waiting room with dad and just used my phone.  So they aren’t the best photos, but at least I captured the moment.  #LifeofaBlogger

It’s a “waterproof” cast, meaning she can shower & swim in it.  Which is awesome.  I mean, we will try to keep it dry, but at least she can shower without us  trying to wrap it in plastic!

Following Abby’s appointment we went with Ralph to Physical Therapy and had breakfast at the cafeteria in the Hospital.  It actually wasn’t bad and it was super cheap!! We both ate for under $6.  After we got home both families came to pick up the dogs we dog sat…

This weekend we dog sat two dogs.  We had Ruby first, she’s our landlord’s son’s dog.  She’s a big yellow lab that’s not quite a year old.   She’s a sweetie and has mellowed out greatly since the last time we had her.  She also thinks she’s a lapdog…

The day after we got Ruby, our other “client” called and wanted to know if we could watch Nubs for the weekend.  We’ve also dog sat for them before, Abby just adores Nubs!  He’s so cute! ♥  His name is Nubs because he’s missing his paw on one of his front feet.  I think it’s been that way since birth, because he doesn’t seem to notice.

So we had a very fun and fur filled weekend!!  We love dog sitting.  I had to update you all on Abby and share photos of the dogs. Our own dog, Twizzler, is very happy to have her house back to herself again.


Have you ever dog sat for other people?

Do you have someone to care for your pets when you travel?

Have you taken 2-3 weeks off before a race?

Have you ever been in a cast?

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