Running on Faith & Coffee

So…did you notice the change that took place yesterday?   New blog name perhaps?  Yup, your eyes are not deceiving you.  I did change the name of the blog and give it a bit of a face-lift.

Running on Faith & Coffee

I have had some positive feedback so far on the new name.  Now I think I need a logo that involves a coffee cup and running.  Thinking along the lines of a coffee cup with a verse on it running on legs!!   Yes, my mind is running all over with ideas.

I wanted the blog name to reflect my love of coffee, but also running and my faith.  Behold the new name was born.  My goal is to also blog more about my personal life outside of the running as well.  In a way the blog started as a way to document training for my first half…however, that race happens in a week and a half (OH MY GOSH!) so I’ll be done training, although I know there will be more races down the line (IMT Half in October).

I have updated it with Bloglovin’.  Although now I lost all of my followers on there.  Please click the link to follow, or enter your email on the top of the page for the RSS feed.   Starting over is hard.  However, it is good to do it while my blog is still young, and didn’t have a ton of followers yet anyway.

If you changed the name of your blog or started a blog from scratch, what name would you choose?

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