Thinking Out Loud Thursday #10

Good morning!!  So excited for this link up….not being a writer and learning how to write while blogging, this link up helps me by letting me just get things from my head to paper (or the screen if you will).  It’s also been far too long since I’ve joined up with this link up.

Linking up this morning with Amanda from The Tiny Runner

1.  Noisy City Living.   Don’t get me wrong, I love living in town, I love being close to things, having the awesome trails to run on, etc.  However, what I do not like is waking up at 7am to dogs barking to each other.  OY.  It was extra noisy for some reason this morning and it just hit my last nerve.  I would love to live in the country, but I really like our house, and I am not sure I could get hubby to move.   I think that’s why I love camping so much, we’re out in the country where it’s quiet.   Waking up to nothing but the sounds of birds and SILENCE.  It’s grand.

Could be too that I am just getting more sensitive to noise while I try to sleep as I get older.  Who knows.  All I know is lately I have been very much annoyed by all the neighborhood dogs making so much noise all the time!

2.  Smoothies.  So I have started doing more smoothies so I can work on my protein and fresh veggie/fruit intake.  I am not very good at those other wise.  When I track my food at MyFitnessPal I always come up short on protein.  Here’s my recent poison:

a chunk of firm tofu (I don’t measure)
milk or soy milk (I have been using soy, but sometimes I use milk, it all depends, again, on what’s on hand)
handful of fresh baby spinach
1 banana (or 2 if you want)
1 apple or 1 orange (it varies by the day for me)
1 tbsp of chia seeds
1 carrot
a little honey for sweetness

I blend this all up nicely in my Vitamix and drink up.  So yummy!!  Sometimes I made it twice a day.  I just love smoothies :)

3.  Blog Name Change.  Did you notice?  If you’ve been to my blog before from this link up it was Mama Running for God.  I changed the blog name this week and updated the look of the site.  I still have to change it at a few places, but I did a permanent redirect, so any old links automatically get redirected to this one.  Which is super helpful.  I messed it all up trying to transfer URLs though, and had to start a whole new blog and transfer my content over! OOPS!  I have now lost all of my followers on BlogLovin‘.  Sigh.. so I am basically starting over.

4.  SHAYTARDS.  Ever watch this family on YouTube?  I love them so much.  My daughter has been watching them for over a year, and recently got me hooked on their channel as well.  They are so fun and entertaining.   Their kids are completely adorable as well!

5.  Girls on the Run.  So last Saturday as most of you know, I used my photography skills and volunteered to photograph a Girls on the Run 5K.  So awesome being a part of that.  The lady in charge is coming to pick up the images today.  I cannot share any, as per the rules to protect the minors in the photos, but let me just tell you, when I was going through them yesterday to decide which ones to keep and which to dump, these kids made me smile.  They are so stinkin’ cute!  They all had such a great time.    They did post some of my photos on their facebook page…linked at the start of this section.
This Sunday KCRG is doing a piece on the race and using some of my photos and it will be on the news on tv!! So pumped!  She’s going to see if they will give me photo creds.  I sure hope they do.

Well, I should stop rambling!!  I try not to go on and on…lol

What are you Thinking Out Loud about today?  

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