Sunday Musings, Goals and Menu Planning

So…this is it.  This is my LAST week before my first half.  The race I’ve had my sites on since December.  The race that seemed so far away when I signed up for it.

I am listening to my body and letting the Planter Fasciitis heal a bit before the race, so I didn’t run last week and I am not running this week.  Which will not be easy, since we’ll be camping and those are some of my favorite trails to run! *sad face*   However, I can go hiking with the kids and maybe we can pack swimwear and go to the indoor pool.  It’s not warm enough in Iowa for outdoor swimming. Besides, none of the pools will be open.

We are coming home from camping on Thursday, then heading to the race expo (my first expo ever!) on Friday night.  We’ll be there while my son is at his orientation for his new job. I know it will be a small expo, so I’m not expecting much, but hey, it’s still my first ever expo!
I’ll be sure to share a photo of Flat Amy and photos from the Expo on Instagram & Facebook so be sure to follow me there!

So because we’re going camping this week, and it’s the week before payday so we’re on a limited budget, I planned meals using as many ingredients as I could that we already had at home, while also trying to keep it as healthy as possible.  It’s hard to stay healthy when camping, and now I was also faced with nourishing my body before the big race.  Here’s our menu for the week.  Keep in mind that we camp in an RV with a kitchen in it.  I wouldn’t make most of these things if we were tent camping!

Monday (11th)
Lunch: lunchmeat sandwiches, chips
Dinner: chicken Alfredo, with broccoli, bread/butterTuesday (12th)Breakfast: cereal, milk, bananasLunch: sloppy joes, cottage cheese, chipsDinner: crockpot bbq boneless pork ribs (from home), green beans, fried potatoesWednesday (13th)Breakfast: bacon & eggs, toastLunch: Grilled cheese sandwiches, applesauce, cottage cheeseDinner:  Crockpot chili with cheese and sour cream, apple slicesThursday (14th)Breakfast: cerealThursday mid morning we’re heading home, so we will be eating lunch at home so that’s why I didn’t plan for that.  I only worked on the menu for camping.  Most likely we’ll be eating left overs for lunch on Thursday and then I am not sure at all about Thursday night.  Pasta? Carb loading?  I know I am making a large pasta meal Friday night for carb loading.  I wanted to go to Olive Garden, but the budget just won’t allow for it.  That’s ok though, home cooked is better anyway right?

So my goals this week are just to watch my calorie intake, drink NO alcohol.  Yes, you heard me.  I am not buying any Smirnoff for this camping trip like I usually do.  Nope.  Hubby’s not bringing any beer either.   YAY to healthy-ness!I also want to go hiking with the kids and just relax.  I don’t want to stress too much about the Half.  Relax and enjoy camping!

Today after church I just curled up under a blanket (it’s chilly here today) and watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and added songs to my playlist.   Maybe later this week I’ll share my Playlist for the Half.  I’ll be jamming out while running.  I’ll probably end up dancing and running!  I may as well have fun with it!

I have Tuesday off from my Volunteer job, since hubby has appointments most of the day and we’ll be camping.  Speaking of my volunteer job, our Nurse Manager, Andrea was in a horrific car accident on Friday.  Luckily she got out of her SUV before it was smashed and burst into flames! YIKES. Please pray for her if you can.  She has broken bones, bruised lungs and scrapes and bruises.   You can read about it here:  Informed Choices BlogI have spent today planning for my Half.  I think I’m going to go buy a cheapy pair of men’s tube socks and make myself a pair of arm warmers that are cheap and can be chucked once I start to warm up.  So that’s on my to-do list for Thursday afternoon when we get home (or Friday!).  Then I also need to get some body glide (no chaffing for me please!) my sister also said I should bring an extra pair of socks incase it rains (they are calling for it) and put them in my flipbelt.  She also suggested blister band aids.  I will have to look at those.  So lots of little tricks, or hacks if you will to think about for my race.  Oh, that reminds me…I need to get some sports beans too!Waddles made it back to our house this week! He’s joining me for my half marathon!  Waddles is the group mascot for the Runner’s Corner group that I am in on Facebook.  He ran with me last fall at the Rescue Run.  You can read about that HERE.   I was so glad when he made it safely!  He will have fun camping with us!

One Final Thing before I get off here.  HAPPY MOTHERS day to all the mamas out there!! I hope you had a wonderful day!  We had an excellent service that was led by the Youth.  Our Pastoral Intern led the Sermon and did a fantastic job!   I took some stills of the special music with my good camera.  I’ll have to share some later this week when I get them edited 


What did you do this Mother’s Day?

Do you have a favorite hack for races?

What do you do when you cannot run?

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