5 Ways to Organize your Running Gear

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When I think about how I organize my running gear I start to think about all the other failed attempts I have at Organization.  However, I do keep my running gear pretty well occasionally organized.

1. A Bag. I have a nice Duffle bag that I bought for $10 from Planet Fitness when I joined.  I use it to throw my running gear into.  

2. Small Case for Small Things. Then I have an old makeup case, since I don’t even wear the stuff anyway, that I use for my Garmin, Polar HRM, chest monitor, cords, chargers and my Yurbuds.

However, clearly I need to come up with another way to keep my Yurbuds….forever tangled up…

3.  Not Organized. Here’s another prime example of why this isn’t going to be a very informative post on how to stay organized.  Because I am NOT organized.  Here’s my Brooks RunHappy Hat…not in the bag, on my dresser, and my deodorant is on my desk! WHA?!  I swear….

Know what the funniest thing about this is?  I run my own business.  I am so not organized at all.  Sigh.. I have had numerous attempts at it, but I fail each time.

4.  I DO however, keep my running shoes very organized.  They always usually go back into the box from Brooks after I run in them.  I try to do this always so they don’t get shoved around with other shoes.  I have a family of 4 you know.  I actually had to go hunting (in the basement) for the box for the first pair, my Brooks Trance 12s.  They are now retired, so I wear them daily, therefore I’m not boxing them daily after wearing.

Aren’t those new Brooks Transcends pretty?  I love them.  I’ve had my eye on those pretty babies since Brooks came out with them.  I just coudn’t afford them till the new model came out!

5. Finally…..Brain Cells.  You need to REMEMBER to put things back where they go if you’re going to keep it all organized!!  Don’t be a flake! If you want to keep them organized you have to remember where stuff goes.  They aren’t going to put themselves away for you!  (this is where I fail most of the time!)

I hope you had fun reading this, I sure had fun typing it up!  I had a lot of giggles with my husband who rolled his eyes when I said I was going to type up a blog on how to stay organized.  He knows me too well.

How do you keep your running gear organized?

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