Thinking Out Loud Thursday #11

That’s right.  Time for another Thursday with Amanda from The Tiny Runner.  Another Thursday for thinking out loud, sharing random thoughts and just having fun!

So as most of you know, we’ve been out camping this week.  You can see lots of pics in yesterday’s post.  We came home this morning, put the camper down in Lone Tree where we store it and now we’re home.  I’m happy to have my Wifi back.  I love camping, but I am a techno girly and miss having my Wifi!  I also miss blogging with all of you when we’re gone.

1.  Of course the first random thought on my mind today is the fact that in just 2 days I will be running my first Half Marathon!!  13.1 miles! I’m a little nervous, and I know I will be packing and going over my list and packing again, double checking everything even on race morning.  I forgot a timing chip once for a race, so now I am a little paranoid!    However, this race the timing chips are disposable and on the back of the bib.  Which I love.  It makes it nice not having to worry about it.   We’re going to the expo tomorrow night and picking up my bib and packet, checking it out and then coming home to eat!

2. We snagged a bunch of tadpoles while we were camping!  Abby was in charge of scooping a few of them and ended up with like 11 or 12 of them!  Tiny little things too.  So we have them in our house now.  I am NOT keeping them when they grow into toads.  She has to release them!  I think she thinks she’s keeping them.  However, they will be so fun for school.  She even picked out a bunch of books about frogs and toads at the library.  So cool.  I absolutely love home schooling.  I love watching the kids want to learn about things on their own.

3.  Wednesday my son, Ryan who is 16 now and starting his first job on Friday night, opened his first Checking account.  I’m so proud of him.  So now I will be teaching him budgeting, finance and all that fun stuff next school year.  I will most likely look into some curriculum by Dave Ramsey for that.  Financial Peace is amazing!

4. Who in here watches Big Bang Theory?  Were you just blown away by the season finale?  I was like WHA?!?!  I mean Sheldon & Amy?  WOW.  I kinda saw the argument between Leonard and Penny coming.  I am so anxious for season 9 now!  I have to know what’s going to happen between Sheldon and Amy now.

5.  Speaking of TV shows.  I’m so excited for the Criminal Minds spin off show with Gary Sinise in it!  I just adore him.  We watched him in every episode of CSI:NY and was so sad when the show ended.   You have to love Lieutenant Dan!    Speaking of things Gary Sinise is in, he’s going to be part of a Memorial Day concert on PBS on the 25th along with Joe Mantegna.  It’s going to be a good one!

6.  So my sister iMessaged me the other day and gave me some news.  Her husband accepted a job offer and they are moving from Topeka, KS to Nashville, TN!!  WHOA!   In our conversation we discussed finding a race there that we could run together.  I went online and found the Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon next April!  She said she’d pay for my entry if I came down.  DUH! I cannot pass that up.  So we’ll see!  I may have to do it!!  I’m so excited for her (and a little jealous).  Nashville would be amazing!

So anyway, I need to get off here!   I have a zillion things to get done this morning!

What are you thinking about today?

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