Thinking Out Loud Thursday #12

Good morning!  I know, you haven’t heard from me for a while.  I just haven’t had much to write about.  Linking up today with Amanda from The Tiny Runner.

I started back to the running this week, but it’s been rough.  It’s like my body is revolting against me.   Yesterday my right leg kept feeling like it just wanted to give out from under me every time I would take off.  OY.  Walking was ok, but running was hard.  I made it 2 miles.  My son rode his bike with me, which was nice.  After my run Abby and I went to the gym and worked legs, cardio and abs.

Tuesday I went to the gym with a friend and ran 1 mile on the treadmill for the Runner’s World Run Streak that’s going on right now.  Don’t know what that is?   For 41 days starting on Memorial Day and ending on the 4th of July you run at least one mile every day.  Since I’m in-between Half Marathon trainings I am doing random distances, which is nice.

Last time they did this I failed.  I am determined this time.

After my 1 mile on the treadmill (in 10:45), Katherine and I lifted and then worked on core.  I am SO SORE.  Still.  This was Tuesday.  She’s hard core.  I am thinking she needs to be a personal trainer! She’d rock at it!   Our goal was to go back today, but our schedules aren’t mashing up.

Monday I ran 2 miles as well, and it went really smoothly compared to Wednesday.  Not sure what to think.  Maybe I was just having an off day yesterday.  Who knows.

I start my new training plan for my next Half Marathon on July 6th.  So till then I am just running random distances.  Stopping at 2.07 if I feel like it.  Or 5.2 or whatever.  It’s nice.  I did put mileage on my calendar for every day between now and then, so I don’t slack off.  It’s so easy to say I don’t feel like going and not go when I am not actually training for a race.

Last night hubby and I had date night.  We went to Cheddars Casual Cafe.  I love that place.  I had the smokehouse burger again (I know, probably a million calories) and we ordered the onion rings appetizer.  Let me just say, we brought a bunch home in a to go box.  Check out this stack they bring you!

Time to behave today.  So glad I worked out yesterday.  OY

On our way to the restaurant we stopped off at the auto shop to visit our old friend, my Kia that’s been there for forever…at least it feels like it.  She’s having her whole engine replaced.  I took some photos of course.  #LifeofaBlogger

The first (top) photo is the car with the old engine sitting in front of it after he pulled it out.  The bottom right photo is the new engine waiting to go in.  So sad to see her in this state but I cannot wait to get her back.   My sticker awaits her when she get  home!

Today I have 3 miles planned.  However, that totally depends on how my body feels once I start.  I also plan on going to the gym tonight to lift and work on legs.  I need to strengthen my legs, I’m quite sure that would help.   I am working from 12-4 today at my volunteer job, so it will be after that, we have a really busy schedule today, but I WILL get to the gym! I am determined!

Abby got her cast removed this week too! I almost forgot!  She had it taken off on Wednesday, and it’s completely healed.  They thought she would have to wear a brace for 2 more weeks but nope, she doesn’t have to!  She’s free!  It’s a wonderful thing.  God is so good. He’s the amazing Healer and answered our prayers.  I’d been praying that she would be all healed up when they took it off.    She cannot play contact sports or lift heavy things still for a few weeks, but I’m so happy for her.  She was able to take a shower last night without me helping.  I’ve been having to help get the shampoo and conditioner into her hand and helping dry her off with each shower.  Which, for a 13 yr old girl is probably not much fun to have mom helping you with those things!

Oh, and incase you’re wondering…she did keep the cast.

I’m going to the mall with Abby Friday night  for family  night and she’s going ice skating.  Please pray with me that she keeps her newly uncasted arm safe!

Well, I’ll end on that note.  I hope all of you have had a fantastic week.

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