Thinking Out Loud #13

Be prepared for another week of random thoughts…and in my head..that’s a scary thing!   Linking up again with Amanda from The Tiny Runner (because running with scissors is dangerous and you cannot eat with them!

1. Fitness. So I have not worked out since last Friday.  *slump*.  I just cannot get motivated.  I failed AGAIN at a RunStreak. Ok so not turning this post into a pity party post.   I am sick though, does that give me an excuse?  I have a bad cold.  June happened, and I got a cold!  Crazy.   I did however run my fastest mile last week!  I was so excited!  I just went gung ho as soon as I started my Garmin. I wanted to see how fast I could push myself.  I ran a mile in 8:51!   My last PR at that distance was 9:11.
Here are my current PRs.  


3.  Planners.  Are you a planner person?  I am, but I haven’t owned a nice one since high school.  I usually use Evernote.  However, I won a Purposeful Planner by Corie Clark on IG last month.  I am very anxious for it to arrive so I can see this beauty and use it!

I couldn’t believe it when she said I was the one who won!  Anyway, I picked the daily planner.  She has weekly or daily.  I’ll do a full review on it once I have used it for a while.  Be on the look out!
The coolest part is, I won 2 planners.  So my friend Lindsey, who also entered the contest on IG gets the other one.

3. Photography.  I was asked on Tuesday if I could be the conference photographer for the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators conference next weekend.  I’m already going so this is great.  It’s a fantastic way to get my name out to local homeschoolers.  I get to attend for free now and have a license to take photos of strangers :)  Always fun!  I’m excited.  I am such a nerd though, I was geeking out over her saying my name tag will say “Conference Photographer”   Goodness.  I need help!

4. McFarland USA.  It came out on Tuesday on DVD!   I made a special trip to Walmart just get a copy.  I love love love this movie!  Oh and speaking of nerding out….one of the actresses from the film commented on my IG photo about watching the movie.  Cool huh?

Of course my son had to try to ruin it for me by saying that she has a good publicist that comments for her.  I refuse to believe that.  It is the actress.  *ignorance is bliss*

5. Tadpole growth.  So our little tadpoles are growing fast!  If you didn’t hear about them you can visit that blog post here.  We have 2 that are now itty bitty tiny frogs, or toads…not sure.  My daughter says toads.  I say they are too small to tell yet. It’s hard to tell by the photos, but they are smaller than the size of the tip of my pinky finger.   I had to pull out my macro lens and get some shots of them.  So cute!

We have others, like the lower right photo, that are well on their way to growing up as well, getting back legs.  Won’t be long before they are up on the rock with the others.

6.  Essential Oils.  I was very pleased when I found out that Melaleuca came out with their own essential oils line.  We have been customers of theirs since Abby was not quite 2 (she’s 13 now).  I had to order a pack of them in my first order after they released them.  They are wonderful.  So nice.  Always the highest quality that I have always come to expect from Melaleuca.

7.  Office Goodies.  I got a new office chair last week. (well new to me, it was given to me)  It’s so cushy! I absolutely love it.  Funny story though…I have to lower it all the way down every time I get out of it, or it won’t fit under the desk! #FirstWorldProblems

8. Random Photo. While looking through my phone for the chair photos…I found this.  My attempt at taking a cool night sky photo while waiting for my son to get off work.

9. Camping.  We are leaving Friday to go camping again!  Have I mentioned I love to go camping?  We will be out there till Wednesday morning.  We will be back and forth from home of course a few times, but we’ll still be out there most of the time.

10. Planner Stickers.  Ok so I probably should have added this up above, under that little diddy about the planner, but I didn’t.  lol  I have become obsessed with the way people bling out their planners!!  I have already purchased stickers for it, and it’s not even here yet!  Yet again with the nerdness.

So now that I shared all my thoughts with you guys this morning now it’s your turn!  Link up with us and join the party!

Do you have a planner & do you bling it out?

Have you ever had an online interaction with a celebrity?

Do you have an Office Space in your home?

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