Mid-Week Bites #4

Hello all!  I hope you’re all having a great week.  Mine is going superbly!

So the end of last month I started Half Marathon Training.  So far I’ve only had short 3 mile runs, the 2nd one last week got cut short.  You do not want to know why.  Let’s just say I had to have hubby come and get me.  It was not pretty.

Ok moving on.  This past Saturday I ran the Fifth Season Race 8K in Cedar Rapids.  Exceeding that week’s long run by one mile.  I ran 5 instead of the scheduled 4.  I felt great too.  The whole run!  I walked some of it of course, which  you know I never feel bad about.  I finished in 57:03.  So I PR’d.  WOOT!  My goal was to come in under an hour.  Success!  I was able to be in a group photo with my local Chapter of TeamRWB.  (I also gained a new Facebook friend…thanks Rob!)

Following the race, I took Abby and 2 of her friends to the Aquatic center.  We swam, went on the water slides and they dove off the diving boards.  The boards aren’t really my thing.  We were there 2 hours and I was so tired when we got home.

I showered and sat for a while then it was off again to take Ryan to work and head to a 4th of July party that ended with us going to the fireworks!  So FUN!!

Sunday I didn’t do anything as far as fitness goes.  We attended church and then just chilled at home.  After the day I had Saturday I was exhausted.  So it was nice to relax on Sunday.   The kids and I did end up running to the grocery store, but that was pretty minor.  I also did some cleaning around the house and worked on my menu for this week in my planner.  I did however, get my 13.1 sticker on my car.  FINALLY!! The poor car has been in the shop since April 10th.  Now that she’s finally home I had to put my new sticker on her!   Maybe a 26.2 in the future?  We’ll see…

Monday was hubby and mine’s 12th Wedding Anniversary!  It rained all day, just like it did for our wedding lol!  Actually on our wedding day it cleared in the afternoon.  Which was good, so that we could have some outdoor photos taken.

Hmmm…I was a little thinner back then. LOL  I can’t get into that wedding dress now.  Time to change that huh?  Anyway, we decided lunch would be cheaper than dinner out, so we headed to Red Lobster for lunch.  Not only was it alot less $$, it’s near as crowded there for lunch as it would have been for dinner!    It was a lovely meal out and I had to apologize  to him later for talking about running & races the whole time.

Last night after I got off work at my volunteer job hubby made rosemary roasted chicken and potatoes with corn, and then Abby had her Bible study with friends.  While she was there I went on my 3 mile run and then chilled with hubby.  I took lots of photos this run.  The wildflowers were just beautiful.  Sunset was too.

The grass withers and the flowers fall,  but the word of our God endures forever.  Isaiah 40:8

My time wasn’t the best, but I had fun, took lots of photos and just enjoyed myself.  That’s the whole purpose anyway isn’t it?

Today I have a lifting session planned with myself at Planet Fitness.  I need to be lifting!  I was hoping to do that 3 days a week during HM training.  So far I’ve been kinda lazy… bad bad!!

Well, I had better post this before I run out of things to say for Thinking out Loud Thursday tomorrow!

How has your week been going?

Would you join in if I made this a Link up?  I’ve been thinking about it. 

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