August 2015 Goals and Favorite Links

Seriously…what happened to July??  It just flew by.  I love fall but I despise winter so it just needs to slow down!  I’m not ready to let go of summer yet.

I thought I’d post my goals for August and try to make myself more accountable.

1.  I need to do more strength training.  My buddy in the gym left me went to Texas for a month and now I’ve been slacking in the working out department, particularly in the gym!  So I know what I need to do, I just have to hold myself accountable to do it!   So I am putting strength training 2x a week (minimum) into my goals for August.

2. Running.  I am continuing with the half marathon training, so the goal for August is at LEAST 75 miles for the month.  July’s goal was 50 and I only made it to 36.  Between volunteering more, the humidity and heat being so bad and my Planter Fasciitis flaring up I really missed a lot of miles in July.  I did however start swimming more, so that was a lot of exercise.

3.  Learn to balance working and working out.  Starting in August I’ll be working a part time job (20-25 hours/week) so balancing home life and Half Marathon training will prove to be a challenge I’m sure.  I’ll have to learn to get up earlier and run in the morning.   If you live in Iowa City, stop in at the First Avenue HyVee store and say HI!   I’ll be working as a cashier.

4.  WaTeR.  This is a huge thing for me.  Sometimes I do brilliantly and then there’s days when I don’t get any at all and I’m chugging as much as I can right before bed because I can tell I’m dehydrated.  So I need more consistency with the water intake for sure.

5.  More Cross Training.  On the days I don’t run I need to be cross training along with the strength training.  At least biking and swimming.  Swimming forces me to shave (haha) it’s also great low impact exercise for runners.   The biking I love because my 16 yr old son is almost always willing to come with me.  Same goes for swimming when it is my 13 yr old daughter.   So I always have a buddy for either one of those things.

6.  Become a BeachBody Coach.  Not sure if this will be in the cards for me or not in August.  It all depends on the financial state of things.  We are still trying to get the engine replacement in the Kia paid for.  We’ll see.  I am blessed to have a friend who lives around the block from me who is a new coach, and we are going to work our businesses together.  Mostly I’m pumped about doing the 21 day fix and helping others reach their goals.  I love helping people!

So I have been reading some great articles this past week and thought I should share them with all of you, my wonderful readers.

What’s the Real Benefit of Recovery Runs (something I struggle with the day after a long run!)

The Best Half Marathon Race day Tips (an older article but a good one!)

New at Home Fitness & Cooking Inspiration (thinking I need to try Grokker now!)

Five DIY Remedies for Planter Fasciitis

21 Habits of Highly Organized People (because I am NOT one of them and need help!)

Here’s to the last official month of summer!  I hope you all have an amazing month!

What are some of your goals for the new month?

Have you read any good articles you’d like to share?

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