Ultimate Coffee Date #5

Phew!  The month of July just flew by!  I missed the Coffee Date last month, so I am so glad to be able to join in this month.  Linking up of course with Andrii from Running Blog,  Deborah from Running The Miles and Lynda from Fitness Mom Wine Country.

Hello.  So glad you came over this morning for coffee, or tea, whichever you favor.  I love having coffee guests.   If you were here for coffee, I would tell you that it’s been SUPER hot lately in Iowa, and we’ve had a ton of rain.  The rivers are very high right now, and we’ve had a few flood warnings.   I wish it would cool down a little so we could go camping again.

If we were having coffee together I’d share with you about what’s been going on with my daughter.  Last week she had a horrible sore throat and just felt yucky.  I knew she felt bad when she just laid around on the couch and didn’t want to do anything.  So Thursday we took her in and she had Tonsillitis.  So they put her on an amoxicillin and sent us home.  She was on the meds for 7 days when this awful rash appeared.  It didn’t look so bad, and we had only 2 days left of meds anyway, so I just ignored it.  Gave her some allergy meds and called it good. Then she got up yesterday morning and it was WAY worse!!!  It had spread from her tummy and legs to her arms, face, neck and was just way redder and puffy than the day before.  So I called the doctors office and they took her off the meds and said it should clear up on it’s own in a few days.  Poor girl.  She looks like she has some contagious disease!

If we were having coffee together I would talk a little about my new part time job!  I got a part time job at HyVee (the grocery store).  I’ll be working about 20-25 hours per week (I think) at $10.00/hour.   If you remember, my son got a job at HyVee as well, although we will be working at 2 different locations.  I’m pretty sure he didn’t want his mom at the same store he was at!    I have orientation at 8am this morning.  I’m super excited (and nervous!)  It’s been 13yrs since I worked outside of the home.

So this will help us out greatly each month..and *hopefully* make it easier for me to be able to sign up as a BeachBody Coach!

Which brings me to another topic I’d talk about when we were having coffee.  I am so excited to team up with my friend Lindsey and not only better our lives, but help others achieve their goals as well!  Lindsey just lives around the block from me, we can *almost* see each others houses, if it weren’t for the other houses haha  So we can workout together, and support each other.  It will be so much better for me, since I need the accountability than doing it all online.  I can also support and encourage others both here and online.  I’m so pumped!  I am also excited to do the 21 day fix.   It was very discouraging when I had to buy black dress pants for my new job, in a size 16.   This will be great as I can do it right along side the Half Marathon training as well.

If we were having coffee I would also share that my weekly running took a nose dive this past week.  I ran my long run on Sunday, which was great, I did really well, 6 miles.  My mom was here and was impressed 🙂  Then Tuesday we were so busy I missed my 5 miler completely.  Thursday I went out to run and about mile 2.8 my PF started hurting so bad I ended up walking, then I ended up calling hubby to come get me.  I was so upset.  I felt defeated.  He picked me up at mile 3.78.   Nothing like taking 52 minutes for less than 4 miles!  EEK!  So I came home, showered, took Ibuprofen and had a glass of wine.  Made me feel much better.  I did get some amazing shots of the sunset on the lake though.

If we were having coffee, I would talk about how for the Half Marathon training, I have a 7 mile run today (provided my PF doesn’t give me issues) and then some biking on Sunday.  I am making it my goal in August to bike and swim more as cross training as well as more strength training.  You can read about my August goals HERE.

If we were having coffee together this is when I would have to say goodbye, and get ready to leave for orientation at HyVee!  Wish me luck!

I hope you all have a wonderful month and I cannot wait to read all the other posts when I get home!

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