What a day! Plans Interrupted

Well, I got nothing done today.  Boo.  We went to the VA hospital for my husband’s appointments, and they did NOT put in the letter he got that he wasn’t supposed to drink coffee.  Good grief.  So they had to reschedule it.  On the plus side, we went to Village inn for breakfast together.  It was really nice having the breakfast date with my lovely husband!

Yeah…my breakfast was not exactly healthy…I didn’t eat lunch though, so I guess it’s all ok…

After breakfast we went to Costco and had the tour and looked around.  So I walked, alot, around there.  Does that count?  We signed up and then took advantage of the cheap fuel perk and filled up the Kia for $1.84 a gallon! WOOP! Nothing like filling up for only $24!

Check out this gorgeous display of wine!! I loved it.  The lines were so perfect, and as a photographer…I had to take a photo of it, even if it was with my phone.   I just don’t carry my professional camera around everywhere with me.  It is too heavy!  (PS-I don’t buy wine that’s $55 a bottle…just so y’all know that.  I buy $10 a bottle wine!)

So…today didn’t go exactly as I had planned it.  I was going to work on cross training while waiting for Ralph at the VA…I was going to climb flights of stairs.  I only got to do one flight…then we had to leave.

I have had all of my water today though.  I guess some days just don’t go as well.  This week has been tough on me.  It seems like when I try to make plans something gets in the way and messes them up.    I know the best thing for me to do is to plan morning workouts, but it’s so hard for me to get up (or even harder for me to get to sleep earlier!).   I’m just not a morning person.

However, I’m sure it would make my WHOLE day go so much better if I did!

What time do you plan workouts?

Mornings, Afternoons, evenings?

Or do you just go when you get time?

I am so guilty of going when I make time..I need to make it a PRIORITY!

Tomorrow is my long run.  4 miles planned.  I will try to get up and go in the morning!!  Priorities people!

Peace out!

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