We Drove 200 miles for Whiskey

Well hello hello!   It’s been ages since we’ve spoken.  Starting this new job and our new homeschooling year has proven to be quite the challenge.  Going back to work after 13 years as a Stay at Home Mom has been much harder on me than I thought it would be, both on my mind and my body. I’m sore all the time and it’s been very hard on me to be away from the kids so much.    It’s also eating away at my blogging time!  I have missed reading blogs as well as blogging on my own site.   I have so much to update you all on.

I have also been finding it tough to keep up with Half Marathon training when I’m tired and working all the time.  And it’s not even a full time job! I am less than 6 weeks out from my 2nd half, and I haven’t run a long run that’s been longer than 9 miles. oy!  This weekend is 11.  I missed this week’s 10 miler because I was sick.  Gee Whiz.  Praying I can still PR.  I am so determined.  It is helping that the weather is FINALLY cooling off!!  Bring on fall!!

This week we’ve all been ill.  I got it on Friday with a sore throat and it lasted all weekend, I’m still not 100%.  Now the kids have it, as well as hubby.  My 16 yr old was up early this morning throwing up :(.  Looks like we are taking the day off from studies.

I hope you all had a good Labor Day!  We spent ours in the car.  We drove 200 miles, to Des Moines and back for Whiskey.  What you ask?!  200 miles? Now, before you start thinking that Johnson county is a dry county or something, that we cannot buy liquor here, let me clarify.  Whiskey is our new pet.  Yup, his name is Whiskey….

What is Whiskey?  You want to know don’t you?  *disclaimer*  do not look further if you do not like reptiles!

I warned you….

Whiskey is our new male 18 month old Ball Python!

Our Daughter Vlogged about us going to get him on her YouTube Channel.  I love this girl so much!

I love the way she loves the Vlogging, and she’s gotten really good at the editing.  (plus-she’s only 13!)  Anyway, it amazed me that my husband, the one who HATES snakes, was primary in this plot to get one.  They went to the petstore while I was at work last week and decided they wanted one. I wasn’t so sure.  I mean, I like snakes, but I wasn’t sure about having one as a pet.  How big do they get? What do they eat? I had all kinds of questions.  So we went to the petstore together on my day off so that I could be educated on the world of Ball Pythons.  I also did lots of online reading.  They are the gentlest breed of snakes to have as a pet for kids, since their fear instinct is to curl up in a ball (hense the name Ball Python) instead of strike.  They hardly EVER bite.  Most owners have had theirs for 5+ years and never been bitten.  They do eat mice, if you want to see him eating his first mouse for us, you can visit his IG page at  Whiskey.The.Python
So we started scouting Craigslist and we found this one that she was selling because she had to move and couldn’t take him with her.  We got the snake, tank and all accessories for what we would have paid for just the snake at the pet store, including the 3 hour round trip :)

So far it’s been going well with him and we really like him.  The dog, however, isn’t quite sure.

In other news,  I ran the Glow Run 5K on September 5th.  I didn’t PR-it was so muggy out.  I came really close to stripping off my shirt and running in my sports bra, but trust me, no one wants to see that!   I had a good time and it was for a really good cause this year.  My friend Michelle’s, who I met through the running community,  husband was in a horrific car accident about 6 months ago, and this race helped raise proceeds for them to assist in paying medical bills for him.  So it was such an honor to be a part of this race.  He was there and even though he’s confined to a wheelchair, it was so good to see him and he was looking good.  I have just one photo from this race.  It’s so hard to take photos when it’s dark out!   That’s me (on the right) with awesome runner friends, Bruce and Michelle.  This race also marked the one year mark since I first met Michelle in person, and this was the first time I got to meet Bruce as well.

On August 22nd I ran the Dam to Backpocket 7 miler.  I finished in 1:27:40 which is a 6 minute PR from the same race last year!!  WOOHOO!  Here’s a little video where you can see me crossing the finish line.  I was giving it all I had left there at the finish!

I was flying the Eagle that day for TeamRWB!!

Well, I need to get off here and get something done besides blogging before heading to work.  I at least wanted to update you all as to what we’ve been up to.  It’s been a crazy month.

I am determined to blog more.  I still have a Bulu Box review for you all!

Tootles for now!

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